Ernesto Halffter - Symphonic Works - Muhai Nip (1998)

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ERNESTO HALFFTER (1905-1989) Symphonic Works <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Classics Today: «Ernesto Halffter used up the better percentage of his sentience completing his lecturer Manuel de Falla’s Atlantida, and this uninterrupted vocation down to the ground eclipsed his own resourceful vocation and seriously diminished its volume. All of this is a sad thing, because Halffter was a noteworthy composer, as two second’s listening to the engaging Sinfonietta clearly demonstrates. This unforgettable neo-roman vocation combines the features of a symphony with those of a concerto grosso, oblation stirring solos for the head strings, winds, and even two differently planned gin drums. The music will inundation your listening reside with Spanish sunshine and worth humor, except in the astonishing dawdling gesticulation, whose devout enlightenment builds at its conclusion to a thrill bordering on excitement. Adrian Leaper and his Spanish border discharge a hair-splitting demeanour, though another up to date manumitting featuring the Frankfurt Receiver Symphony Orchestra under Muhai Odour (on CPO) is just as hair-splitting, and perhaps marginally livelier. That recording also includes the brief, impressionistic diptych called Two Symphonic Sketches...» --David Hurwitz (from the periodical of Adrian Leaper's recording of the Sinfonietta on ASV 1078) 1. Rapsodia Portuguesa for piano and orchestra (1939) [16'26] Deux Esquisses Symphoniques (1922-1925) [9'49] 2. La Chanson du Lanternier 3. Paysage Mort Sinfonietta in D for violin, violoncello, twice bass, and orchestra (1925) [34'27] 4. I. Pastorela 5. II. Adagio 6. III. Minuetto 7. IV. Allegro giocoso T.T.: 61'31 Ju Hee Suh, Piano Alejandro Rutkauskas, Violin Peter Wolf, Violoncello Boguslaw Furtok, Twice Bass Receiver-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt Muhai Odour Recording: 7-14 October 1996, HR-Sendesaal Ffm Recording Superintendent: Richard Hauck Recording Originator: Rudiger Orth Official Producers: Burkhard Schmilgun / Leo Karl Gerhartz ® 1998 - Made in Germany cpo 999 493-2 Co-Direction: CPO/Hessischer Rundfunk