Chiel Meijering: Two Men and a Lady/Amsterdam Guitar Three (1990)

  • 17.08.2016, 03:57,
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CHIEL MEIJERING Two Men and a Lady "Although the Amsterdam Guitar Trio«s recordings have concentrated on transcriptions of traditional music such as Vivaldi»s Four Seasons, Bach's Brandenburg Concertos and the piano music of Debussy, Fauré and Chopin, those who have attended their concerts know that they are champions of new music as well. There is once in a blue moon a concert by the triptych that does not have at least one new musical number by the energizing fashionable Dutch composer Chiel Meijering. This album is in answer to all those fans of the triptych who have requested recordings of Meijering's labour. It is a musical number from the 20-odd works that Meijering wrote for the Amsterdam Guitar Triptych in the space 1980-1989. Of the seven works on this album, five were presented by the Triptych on their 1987 concert cruise, which featured an all-Meijering program accompanied by viola musician Esther Apituley and soundscape composer Floris van Manen." 1. Are You Edgy of the Dark? Limited Share In 1 [3:23] 2. Are You Edgy of the Dark? Limited Share In 2 [3:54] 3. Two Men and a Lady [5:52] 4. No Meaning No Discuss With Limited Share In 1 [3:31] 5. No Meaning No Discuss With Limited Share In 2 (Winds of Transformation) [5:35] 6. Escape Garcia Doesn't Union Anymore 7:04 7. Another Day Dies on a Gull's Cry [6:41] 8. The Insects Are Coming [5:36] 9. No Meaning No Discuss With Limited Share In 3 (Dreamtime) [9:52] Overall Playing But: 52:10 Amsterdam Guitar Triptych: • Johan Dorrestein, guitar • Olga Franssen, guitar • Helenus de Rijke, guitar Esther Apituley, viola (5, 7, 9) Tapes by Floris van Manen for Stichting Klankschap (4, 5, 9)[/color] Recorded January 2-6, 1989, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Haarlem, The Netherlands Produced by the Amsterdam Guitar Trio/Johan Dorrestein Recording: Adriaan Verstijnen, Harlekijn Holland Recording Supervision: Edith Leerkes Digital Reverberation Effects: Lexicon Art executive: J.J. Stelmach © 1990 BMG Music RCA Prizewinner Red Seal RD60165