End Cab for Cutie - Discography (1997-2015) [FLAC]

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Ruin Cab for Cutie — Discography (1997-2015) [FLAC] Brand: Dumfound Styles: Additional, Indie Well-Spring: CD, vinyl, WEB Codec: FLAC Bit rates: ~ 1,000 — 3,000 kbps Bit comprehensively: 16, 24 Experience rates: 44.1 — 96 kHz Albums (16bit) 1997 You Can Treatment These Songs with Chords (Japan) 1998 Something About Airplanes (Deluxe 10th Anniversary Printing) 2000 We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes (+3 Perk) 2001 The Photo Album 2003 Transatlanticism 2005 Plans (Japan) 2008 Careful Stairs (Japan) 2011 Codes and Keys (Japan) 2015 Kintsugi EP's (16bit) 2000 Forbidden Leaning 2002 The Sturdiness EP 2009 The Activate Door Albums (24bit) 1997 You Can Treatment These Songs with Chords HDtracks (2002) 1998 Something About Airplanes 180g vinyl (2014) 2000 We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes HDtracks (2015) 2001 The Photo Album HDtracks (2015) 2003 Transatlanticism 10th Anniversary vinyl (2013) 2005 Plans Restricted Printing 2xLP vinyl 2008 Careful Stairs vinyl 2015 Kintsugi HDtracks Ruin Cab for Cutie«s increase from close-tempo solitary describe to Grammy-nominated dumfound number is one of indie rock»s greatest good stories. Launched in the bayside college borough of Bellingham, Washington, the number was at a side describe for singer/guitarist Ben Gibbard, an engineering pupil at Western Washington University who split his tempo between dream up and music. Irresistible a ruin from his native power pop number, Pinwheel, Gibbard began recording an album«s quality of solitary non-spiritual during the summer of 1997. Grower Chris Walla lent his help to the sessions, which resulted in an eight-bother cassette entitled You Can Treatment These Songs with Chords. When the stick became a native hit, Gibbard reached into his circumnavigate of friends to dream up a number, hoping to treatment the new songs survive. Bassist Collar Depart Harmer (Gibbard»s roommate) and drummer Nathan Usefulness climbed aboard, and Walla enlisted as the band«s elementary guitarist (he would also go on to occasion most of the band»s tomorrow's releases). With a lineup now in set, Gibbard«s number rechristened itself Ruin Cab for Cutie (named after a bother by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Number) and signed a compress with the Seattle-based Barsuk Records within a year»s tempo. *** Note to Downloaders: I have poised as much non-spiritual as I could suss out. If something is missing you can try to suss out it in straightforwardly lossless and upload it for the community. Asking for it here won't help. Thanks to all the archetypal rippers and uploaders!