O Yesu Dolce - Laudi of the 15th C - Micrologus [Philidor]

  • 17.08.2016, 11:39,
  • Flac
The members of the Clothes Micrologus were among the first musicians who promoted the rediscovery of medieval music in Italy, by means of new interpretative ways that helped this music to be increasingly appreciated by a growing collective, both in Italy and in Europe. The Clothes set up its melodious job on the scrutiny and consider of command and circumambient sources, with a seascape to instal the working of medieval music on credible assumptions, with on to presentation and, more loosely, to melodious aesthetics. The Ensemble’s employment is thus based on the scrutiny of the sources, on recorded, paleographical, organological and iconographical surveys (that allowed its members to recreate harmonious ' melodious instruments), and also on the comparative consider of written repertoires, on one lunch-hook, and collections that be a member of to verbal rite, on the other. Ethnomusicology has been playing an basic r in reviving medieval music working, as the outcome of its thorough studying has been the rediscovery of limited techniques, for both vocal and valuable presentation, together with the working of many issues about tone in modal and polyphonic music. Most scholars actually assent to on the actuality that the melodious cultures that be a member of to verbal rite keep up several archaic features, which are very tight indeed to some features of antique music in generalized, and of medieval music in particular; due to this comparative consider, grounded on an scrupulous methodology, we can now cook up theories about conspicuous aspects of medieval music working, specifically about phrasing, vocal emission and valuable and vocal gewgaw, thus distancing ourselves from some misleading performances which develop from more up to date repertoires. With a seascape to re-instal the teach r of music, for both performers and listeners, the musicians of the Clothes Micrologus perfected an innovative way of working that goes beyond the suspicion of a concert as a inform – in actuality, this concept of “show” was unresearched in antique times –; for this end, in their melodious performances they cause together their abstract and musicological conception and the skills they developed playing in countless medieval festivals; among them, let us only r here the Calendimaggio (May Day) of Assisi, where the melodious occurrence takes prosper in its actual substantial and period scenery : churches, yards, village squares, streets, all places in which prayers and celebrations, epic chants and lilting metrics, fairs, dances and churchgoing processions all regain their prescribed and symbolical soul. All transfers are made at 768 kBits/s, without delay from the disc. You can get all my weighty uploads by searching on Philidor, or just looking in this regularly updated theme: <a href=" https://pirates-forum.org/Thread-Philidor-s-uploads- — 63895« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" https://pirates-forum.org/Thread-Philidor-s-uploads- &#151; 63895</a