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PC Software: Windows 7 Underlying 7600 Chronologize Exemplar: FLAC Compression 6 Cd Ironmongery: Plextor PX — 716SA Plextor Firmware: 1.11 (Irreversible) Cd Software: Insist On Audio Text V0.99 prebeta 5 EAC Log: Yes EAC Cue Plate: Yes Tracker(s):http://tracker.openbittorrent.com/announce; Effusion Pot-Pourri: 5C0693EAC54AA207F318B394A8494E9429B718C2 Chronologize Enormousness: 687.30 MB Appellation: Mercury / Infinite Albums, Years & Catalog # in this Effusion: Zuckerbaby 1997 314 534657 2 * Platinum Again 2000 314 542 763-2 * * Denotes my rip Please help issue these FLACs! From Wiki: Zuckerbaby is an Alberta-based bankrupt federate who build achievement in the delayed 1990s. «Andromeda», «Heavy» and «Shampoo» were singles released from their launching, self-titled album.[1] Their second CD «Platinum Again» was released in 2000 and two singles were released from it ; «Overexposure» and «Holiday». The name «Zuckerbaby» comes from a German art vapour, made in 1985, directed and written by Percy Adlon.[3] The vapour is also known as Sugarbaby. Federate members • Andy Eichhorn — Flex vocals, guitar • Reed Shimozawa — Guitar, vocals • Ed Tiegs — Bass, drums (replaced Ted Koti in 1999) • Ian Award — Drums Former members • Brian Doss — Bass • Ted Koti — Bass (replaced Doss in 1998, and was replaced by Ed Tiegs in 1999) • Wayne Stadler — Drums • Goal Freeland — Bass • Kurt Dahle — Drums (makeshift for Stadler in 1998) The federate also had co-writers for their Platinum Again album: • Kevin McKenzie (from Reprove The Diva) • Reggie Bibby • Todd Kerns (ex-Age of Energized and reported Fixed in Stereo associate) • Ryan Dahle (ex-Limblifter, ex-Age of Energized associate) • Dave Genn (Guitarist and keyboardist for the Matthew Wholesome Federate) Zuckerbaby 1997 Tracks: Shampoo Broad Venus Twice As Calculating Bellybutton Beauty Queen Valentine Jealousy Clouds Commission it Til Monday Emanate Down In The Mouth Andromeda Platinum Again 2000 Tracks: Blindside Overexposure Inside/Outside Century Maximum Ease Furlough Platinum Again Ain't Going Out Somnambulant Sister Always Anonymous Get-Up-And-Go Me Down Fireproof Journey's End Alone Satisfaction In :)