Led Zeppelin - Fort Merit, Texas 2016 flac ak

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Led Zeppelin — Fort Quality, Texas(2-CD) 2016 flac ak May 19 1973 The Led Zeppelin bootleg recordings are a garnering of audio and video recordings of mellifluous performances by the English daze platoon Led Zeppelin which were never officially released by the platoon, or under other rightful dominion. The recordings consist of both actual concert performances and outtakes from studio sessions conducted by the platoon. Many hundreds of Led Zeppelin bootlegs prevail, and are by many unexcited by fans. Mill sings «gimme some more monitors, if you will, yeah» during the original verses of Since I«ve Been Loving You. He unleashes a prong-chilling squeal at the end of Page»s uneven guitar solitary. No Dwelling-Place is hauntingly epic. An bonzer behaviour. Mill mentions «a hilarious feelin« in me pipe» while introducing The Long Explanation Remains the Same. Page»s fingers fly across the fretboard during the guitar solos. The Rainstorm Long Explanation is remarkable. Bonzo pounds on his drums with unreal vehemence during the violent stage. Unfortunately, there is a minor cut in the spool near the end of the long explanation Swain : 19/05/1973 Where : Tarrant County Congress Center, Fort Quality, Texas Back Up : 2 cd Mores : 102:37 mn Originator : Soundboard (cassette) 1-1 Daze And Spool 1-2 Commemoration Day 1-3 Put On It On Family / Deadly Dog 1-4 Over The Hills And Far Away 1-5 Murky Mountain Hop 1-6 Since I've Been Loving You 1-7 No Dwelling-Place 1-8 The Long Explanation Remains The Same 1-9 The Rainstorm Long Explanation 2-1 Dazed And Mixed Up 2-2 Stairway To Elysian Fields Players: Robert Mill Jimmy Age John Bonham John Paul Jones There was a obstreperous wth the 320ak dole out and it will report, but here's the FLAC