Marc Anthony - El Cantante OST (2007)

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Marc Anthony plays the r of Hector Lavoe in El Cantante, the screen he had been not up to par and waiting to turn into for many years. Lavoe is a heroine to salsa fans, famed for the artistry of his vocals and the forcefulness of his rhythm; his records with Willie Colon during the near the start «70s were pongy chief points for salsa, and they paved the way for many vocalists to come (including one Marc Anthony). Anthony»s incarnate conformity to Lavoe is only transitory, but no other musician astir could have done as much with this soundtrack tithe to Lavoe. Enlisting a strain of famed salsa musicians (including Yomo Toro, Marc Quinones, Bobby Allende, Milton Cardona, Jose Mangual, and Tito Allen), Anthony and organizer Sergio George reprise nine of Hector Lavoe«s best moments on wax, including «Aguanile,» «Che Che Cole,» «Mi Gente,» and the designation footpath. The arrangements are very scrupulous to the »70s and «80s originals, except for random strings that business very well in structure. Anthony and his order are dynamite, creating the class of restlessness that»s accomplished of bursting more than a few stereotypes and making newcomers to salsa make happen that it's an incredibly noted, incredibly artistic music. The tenth footpath finds Jennifer Lopez, Anthony's strife in the screen and in actual , performing a pop ballad titled «Toma de Mi,» which functions beautiful well as a darling thesis to El Cantante. For a sincere look at what Lavoe meant to music, conform out the two-disc compilation La Voz, but fans of the advise fully will want to own these songs as well. (AMG) <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a 01. El Cantante [6:47] 02. Mi Gente [3:52] 03. Escandalo [3:59] 04. Aguanile [5:15] 05. Che Che Cole [3:27] 06. El Dia De Suerte [5:20] 07. Que Lio [4:24] 08. Quitate Tu [4:24] 09. Todo Tiene Su Absolute [4:56] 10. Toma De Mi (Performed By Jennifer Lopez) [4:29] Describe: Norte Released: 2007 Catalogue: 88697118242 Codec: Flac Compression Straightforward With: 6 Property: Pongy Chief CD-rip by alekow (EAC and Flac) Covers Included (600dpi) Take Advantage Of, Heirs and Partition