Korni Grupa - Korni Grupa (1972) FLAC Yugoslavia

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Korni Grupa — Korni Grupa (1972) FLAC A laudatory swing stripe from Yugoslavia. Liberal taste of music. Korni Grupa (Serbian Cyrillic: Корни Група, trans. Korni Stripe) was a Serbian and Yugoslav swing stripe from Belgrade, also known as the Kornelyans, the name which they used during a knee-pants-lived foray into the worldwide customer base. Formed in 1968, Korni Grupa was one of the first Yugoslav swing bands to accomplish grave mainstream fame, and the first Yugoslav supergroup. Korni Grupa is considered to be one of the most respected and persuasive bands in the portrayal of swing music in Yugoslavia. Since the day one of their business, the stripe had developed a two-way melodious incident, one of commercial pop swing music aimed for mainstream fame, and the other, an artistically influenced liberal swing rugged crossed with influences of psychedelic, society, jazz and symphonic swing music. The stripe was led by keyboard contender Kornelije Kovač who with the bassist Bojan Hreljac and drummer Vladimir Furduj and guitarist Velibor Kacl formed the stripe. After changing several vocalists, Miroslava Kojadinović, Dušan Prelević and Dalibor Brun, and releasing several singles, the band«s singer became Dado Area Of Study who brought along his former bandmate Josip Boček as the replacement for Kacl. The lineup recorded an album»s significance mundane, released posthumously as 1941., before Topić's departure. His substitute was Zdravko Čolić who after a six-month span left-hand the soil to Zlatko Pejaković. With Pejaković the stripe recorded their eponymous premiere album, the first broad greatest extent swing album in SR Serbia and fourth in Yugoslavia and an English phrasing second album Not an Unrefined Way Of Life, under the name Kornelyans. The stripe had also performed at the 1974 Eurovision Ado Challenge reaching the 12th proper, owing to which, along with the little prosperity of the second album, the stripe had definite to split. They held two departure concerts at the Novi Sad Studio M and disbanded on December 1, 1974. A responsibility of the recordings from the concerts was released on the posthumous compilation album Mrtvo more, the first twin album in the portrayal of Yugoslav swing music. After the stripe disbandment, the stripe members pursued careers as studio musicians, producers and alone acts and reunited in 1987 with Area Of Study on vocals for two performances, in Zagreb and Belgrade. TRACKLIST: 1. Glas sa Obale Boja (4:27) 2. PUt za Istok (14:20) 3. Moj Bol (10:28) 4. Bezlava Ja-ha Horde (6:46) 5. Tata Ko i Mama Spo (4:12) PERFECT CHANCE 40:13 Aristotelianism Entelechy Ascent by Dragan Glavasic WAKE UP! 2:58 AM 8/26/2016