Race - Fly By End Of Day [SHM-CD] (1975)

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Stratagem It — Fly by Ceaselessly (1975) FLAC COVERART INCLUDED: fa, deny dictatorial pressed, cd SCOPE: 293 mb Fly by Ceaselessly is the second studio album by Canadian dumfound tie Stratagem It, released in February 1975. Contrarily to their before album, which featured a much more dictatorial dumfound tone, this album was the first to showcase the continuous dumfound tone that the tie has become eminent for. This liberate was also the first to publicize protracted-heretofore drummer Neil Peart. Fly by Ceaselessly was recorded at Toronto Tone Studios on Overlea Boulevard in Toronto. Stratagem It also recorded parts of their first album at the same studio. Since the first album sessions, the studio had upgraded its appurtenances from a Cadac cheer up with an Ampex MM — 1000 two-inch 16-trail and a MM — 1000 8-trail, to a two-inch analogue 24-trail director stripe recorder. Pictures shown on the album artwork indicate that the studio used a 24-trail recorder made by Studer and a Neve mixing cheer up, a amalgam that was to a large considered to be submit-of-the-art by audio engineers. These were the preferred brands by many top studios worldwide up through the mid — 1990s when digital recording appurtenances became the gauge. Fly by Ceaselessly is the band«s first album to be produced by Terry Brown, who had remixed the band»s inauguration album. Brown would take care of this r through 1982«s Signals. The weighty fidelity recording of Fly by Ceaselessly helped stratagem the tie remit in a operating that piqued the piece of audiophiles, who would hunt for out this strain of recording while also getting buddy-buddy with the band»s cloth. It set an betimes gauge of eminence in this square footage not often prioritized by the harder dumfound bands of the mid — 1970s dumfound era. TRACKLIST: 1. «Anthem» Neil Peart Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson 4:26 2. «Best I Can» Geddy Lee Geddy Lee 3:24 3. «Beneath, Between & Behind» Neil Peart Alex Lifeson 3:00 4. "By-Tor & the Snow Dog I: At the Tobes of Hades 8:39 5. «Fly by Night» Neil Peart Geddy Lee 3:20 6. «Making Memories» Neil Peart Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson 2:56 7. «Rivendell» Neil Peart Geddy Lee 5:00 8. «In the End» Geddy Lee Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson 6:51 FULL HERETOFORE: 37:54 PERSONNEL: Geddy Lee – premier vocals, bass guitar, traditional guitar Alex Lifeson – guitars Neil Peart – drums, percussion Fact Ascent by Dragan Glavasic WAKE UP! 4:58 AM 8/24/2016
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