Crowded Bagnio - The Very Best Of 1996 [EAC-FLAC](oan)

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Crowded Brothel &#151; Recurring Delusion -The Very Best Of Crowded Brothel (1996) [EAC &#151; FLAC](oan) <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Recurring Dream: The Very Best of Crowded House, usually abbreviated to Recurring Dream, is a compilation album by rock group Crowded House, released in 1996. It includes most of their singles, as well as three new songs, «Not the Girl You Think You Are», «Instinct», and «Everything Is Good for You». Crowded House were touring in support of their album Together Alone, when after a concert in Atlanta on 14 April 1994, drummer Paul Hester decided to leave the band. He was eventually replaced by Peter Jones. The band completed the tour and returned to Australia where bandleader Neil Finn began writing songs for their next album, provisionally titled Help Is Coming. During this time he also wrote and recorded the album Finn with his brother Tim Finn. At a press conference in 1996, at which the release of Recurring Dream was announced, Neil Finn revealed that Crowded House were to split up. The June concerts in Europe and Canada would be their final shows 1 - Weather with you [03:44] 2 - World where you live [03:05] 3 - Fall at your feet [03:18] 4 - Locked out [03:18] 5 - Don«t dream it»s over [03:55] 6 - Into temptation [04:34] 7 - Pineapple head [03:28] 8 - When you come [04:44] 9 - Private universe [05:36] 10 - Not the girl you think you are [04:08] 11 - Instinct [03:08] 12 - I feel possessed [03:48] 13 - Four seasons in one day [02:48] 14 - It's only natural [03:32] 15 - Distant sun [03:50] 16 - Something so strong [02:52] 17 - Mean to me [03:14] 18 - Better be home soon [03:10] 19 - Everything is good for you [03:57] Audio File Information, Properties And Specifications Artist / Group: Crowded House Genre: Rock / Pop rock / Jangle pop / Indie rock / Alternative rock Album Release Year: 1996 Number of Tracks: 19 Total Duration: 1:10:17.533 ________________________________ Audio File Format: FLAC Lossless Codec Version: libFLAC 1.3.1 20141125 Encoding Bit Rate: 883 kbps [Average Bit Rate] Number of Audio Channels: 2 L/R [Full Stereo] Audio Quality: 16bit / 44,100 KHz ________________________________ Audio File Source: Original CDs > FLAC Converter: EAC V1.1 Examination And Ape Acquire Condition ________________________________ Audio Chronologize ID Tags: VorbisComment Included Artwork: [Embedded Artwork Within FLAC Files] Tag / Artwork Editorial Writer: Mp3tag v2.58 Checksums Files: Made with Traders Little Helper Additional Files: CUE Sheets FLAC & WAV, Log Panel, MD5, FFP,foo_dr, and M3U Utter Chronologize Extent: 448 MB Ripped and Encoded By: oneanight PLEASE BASIS &#151; PLEASE DEAL &#151; PLEASE UPLOAD