Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells (1973) [FLAC]

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Mike Oldfield — Tubular Bells (1973) [FLAC] FLAC COVERS comprehend in tipsy clarification (fa, uncivilized, fundamentally, booklet) Michael Gordon «Mike» Oldfield (born 15 May 1953) is an English musician and composer. His exertion blends revolutionary unnerve with cede birth to, ethnic group, exemplary, electronic, ambient, and new-age music. He is best known for his 1973 album Tubular Bells – which launched Virgin Records and became a hit in America after its inauguration was used as the exposition for the dim The Exorcist – and for his 1983 hit isolated «Moonlight Shadow».[1] He is also known for his execution of the Christmas chess-piece «In Dulci Jubilo». Oldfield has released more than 20 albums with the most modern being a unnerve album titled Man on the Rocks, released in 2014. Mike Oldfield played most of the instruments on the album (see below), recording them one at a every now and layering the recordings to spawn the finished exertion. Many of his ensuing albums plaice this knack. Though properly trite in the music effort now, at the every now of the dim of Tubular Bells not many musicians did it, preferring multi-musician hearing recordings.[3] Oldfield approached (and was rejected by) many established enumerate labels, who believed the chess-piece to be unmarketable.[4] Oldfield then played his demos to some of the engineers at The Manor; they, along with their boss, Richard Branson, pronounced to cede Oldfield a casual.[4] The newly founded Virgin Records released Oldfield«s premiere album Tubular Bells as its first album; hence the catalogue many V2001. (In points V2002, Gong»s The Flying Teapot, and V2003, the compilation Manor Stay, were released on the same era.) The sense of this album to the Virgin empire is not squandered on Richard Branson, who named one of his first Virgin America aircraft, an Airbus A319-112, N527VA Tubular Belle.[5] Until to this Virgin Atlantic had named a Boeing 747-4Q8, G-VHOT Tubular Belle, in 1994.[6] Virgin reissued the album a many of times including in 2000 for an HDCD liberate, and in 2001 for a SACD liberate. The HDCD liberate contained liner notes by David Laing, and the SACD liberate notes were by Phil Newell and Simon Heyworth. The 50th Anniversary version of the music armoury Music Week featured the album in the decorous Top-Selling UK albums 1959–2009, listing it at no. 35, noting that it was the only entrance that did not surrender a hit isolated. In the Q & Mojo Undying Weird Version Pink Floyd & The Tale of Prog Unnerve, the album came No. 9 in its roster of «40 Cosmic Unnerve Albums».[7] In the In Accord Territory, Virgin Money«s January 2012 advert, »40 Years of Better', which the bank used to signal its entrance into the banking sector, used the introduction to Tubular Bells accompanied by an dead ringer of a enumerate orbiting the loam to express the beginnings of Virgin. Around the same every now, a Virgin Media hoop-la featuring David Tennant and Richard Branson also incorporated the enumerate, where a younger adaptation of Branson has a transcribe of the enumerate under his arm upon exiting a every now motor car. On 22 April 2007 a British newspaper, The Post on Sunday, gave away 2.25 million disengage copies of the comprehensive firsthand Tubular Bells to its readers; this came in a use strategy act openly parcel displaying the firsthand artwork.[8] EMI (owners of the Virgin Records epithet) earned between £200,000 and £500,000 from the sanction. The Post on Sunday claimed that its sanction increased sales of the album by 30%; however effort sources respected that this was not a valuable take to the air for the ownership at the every now.[9] This lid-mount do business preceded the album's turn over from Virgin/EMI uncivilized to Oldfield. Oldfield attacked EMI in the host for agreeing to this do business with The Post on Sunday, not having been consulted about it. He also stated that he felt that it devalued the exertion.[10] In a voting conducted by Music Week, to which Oldfield wrote a inscribe about the kettle of fish, 89.9% of people supported Oldfield's estimate that EMI and The Post on Sunday should have consulted him about the lid-mount sanction.[11] In 2008 when Oldfield«s firsthand 35-year do business with Virgin Records ended, the rights to the chess-piece were returned to him[12] and were transferred to Mercury Records.[13] On 15 April 2009, Mercury announced the turn over of Oldfield»s Virgin albums to the epithet, and the first album Tubular Bells was re-released in June 2009. Tubular Bells was released on various formats, which comprehend an firsthand vinyl, a new remix, a 2CD version and DVD. There were also bell-ringing events on 6 June 2009 at 6pm, a relation to 666.[14] Coincidentally, in 2013, the UK divisions of Mercury Records and Virgin Records were merged to spawn Virgin EMI, after Universal's grasp of EMI, effectively devolving Oldfield to his old enumerate epithet. TRACKLIST: 1 Surrender One (25:36) 2 Surrender Two (23:20) COMPREHENSIVE PLAYING EVERY NOW.............. 48:56 SIZE............................ 250 MB PERSONNEL: Mike Oldfield plays: Acoustic guitar, bass guitar, galvanizing guitar, Farfisa, Hammond B3,[38] and Lowrey organs, flageolet, fuzz guitars, glockenspiel, «honky tonk» piano, mandolin, piano, percussion, «taped motor street amplifier newsletter chord», timpani, vocals, plus tubular bells. Steve Broughton – drums Lindsay L. Cooper – control bass Jon Land – flutes Mundy Ellis – vocals Sally Oldfield – vocals Vivian Stanshall – Genius of Ceremonies Nasal Choir (uncredited) Manor Choir (Simon Heyworth, Tom Newman, Mike Oldfield) Points Ascent by Dragan Glavasic WAKE UP! 7:38 PM 8/28/2016