Andrew Oldham Orchestra - Rolling Stones Songbook 1966 [EAC-FLAC

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The Andrew Oldham Orchestra &#151; The Rolling Stones Songbook , Their Greatest Hits 1966 [EAC-FLAC](oan) <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a The Andrew Oldham Orchestra was a musical side project in the mid &#151; 1960s created by Andrew Loog Oldham, the original manager and record producer of The Rolling Stones. There was no actual orchestra per se. The name was applied to recordings made by Oldham using a multitude of session musicians, including members of the Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones Songbook included an orchestral version of the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards song «The Last Time», which was sampled by The Verve for their track «Bitter Sweet Symphony». The threat of litigation over the license for the sample led to the entire copyright to the composition, belonging to Richard Ashcroft, The Verve's frontman, being taken by ABKCO Records, and the sharing of the songwriting credit with Jagger and Richards, even though they didn't compose the string segment that The Verve sampleds 1 - Blue Turns To Gray [02:58] 2 - Satisfaction [02:57] 3 - You Better Move On [03:11] 4 - Time Is On My Side [03:18] 5 - Heart Of Stone [03:06] 6 - As Tears Go By [02:34] 7 - Play With fire [02:23] 8 - Theme for a Rolling Stone [03:15] 9 - Tell Me [04:02] 10 - Congratulations [03:02] 11 - The Last Time [03:47] Audio File Information, Properties And Specifications Artist / Group: The Andrew Oldham Orchestra Genre: Instrumental Rock / Rock Album Release Year: 1966 Number of Tracks: 11 Total Duration: 34:38.173 ________________________________ Audio File Format: FLAC Lossless Codec Version: libFLAC 1.3.1 20141125 Encoding Bit Rate: 855 kbps [Average Bit Rate] Number of Audio Channels: 2 L/R [Full Stereo] Audio Quality: 16bit / 44,100 KHz ________________________________ Audio File Source: Original CDs > FLAC Converter: EAC V1.1 Prove And Ape Guard Craze ________________________________ Audio Put ID Tags: VorbisComment Included Artwork: [Embedded Artwork Within FLAC Files] Tag / Artwork Rewrite Man: Mp3tag v2.58 Checksums Files: Made with Traders Little Helper Additional Files: CUE Sheets FLAC & WAV, Log Expanse, MD5, FFP,foo_dr, and M3U Add Up To Put Measurements: 214 MB Ripped and Encoded By: oneanight PLEASE KERNEL &#151; PLEASE INTEREST &#151; PLEASE UPLOAD