Cipriano de Rore - 5th Madrigal Bk - Csrt of Musicke [Philidor]

  • 06.09.2016, 14:27,
  • Flac
From Gramophone: Cipriano de Rore«s Fifth Lyrics of Madrigals was published posthumously in 1568, three years after the composer»s passing. Rore had established himself as an outstanding composer of non-religious music 20 years earlier in Ferrara, where his well-executed treatment of the master-work Franco-Flemish polyphonic convention was discreetly transformed to work a growing over-sensitivity to epic nuance. His prescient fix on of the ardent covert of the madrigal was explored in both four- and five-limited share in scorings. The four-limited share in pieces are broadly lighter-veined but the figurativeness and striking assortment is no less blow-by-blow than the intensely wrought five-limited share in madrigals, and in many ways they are more evocative of the compendium of skills which were to blossom with Monteverdi and his contemporaries. Despite that, the contemplative and gracious madrigals of the Fifth Lyrics are emotionally couched in an zealous and surreptitiously planet which, though less obviously , divulges a deeper affective reaction to the textbook. This is an inspired first quit in The Consort of Musicke«s latest departure of »encircling« Monteverdi with music by his predecessors and contemporaries. Having made a respectable contribution to Il Maestro»s recorded oeuvre for both L«Oiseau-Lyre and Virgin Classics, Anthony Rooley and his trustworthy consort have ventured into new precinct, not just by recording the likes of Rore and Marenzio but by starting their own , Musica Oscura, »«for the immodest, the and discerning»'. Transfers are made at 768 kBits/s, precisely from the disc. A bio of Ciconia is enclosed. You can search on Philidor for all my influential downloads, or inspect out this story-line: <a href=" — 63895« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 63895</a