Cabezon - Instrumentals - Wimmer, Ens Accentus (1997) [Philidor]

  • 06.09.2016, 14:27,
  • Flac
Antonio de Cabezon was in some measure of a kinfolk with a extended practice of dulcet conduct and construction. (Two of the items on this recording are by relatives of his.) He speedily rose to grand estimation in his original Spain. As Wikipedia puts it: «In 1538 Cabezón was made músico de la cámara (bedroom musician) to Charles (who as a youth was learned in music by the illustrious organist Henry Bredemers). After Isabella«s dying in 1539 Cabezón was appointed music docent to her children: Prince Felipe and his sisters Maria and Joan (Maria would later become the most consequential sympathizer of composer Tomás Luis de Victoria). In 1543 Felipe became Regent of Spain, and he made Cabezón his court organist. Cabezón»s duties included playing a portative fortnightly for Felipe on his journeys. On 19 July 1546 Cabezón«s companion Juan, also an organist and composer, was appointed musician in the queenly chapel of Prince Felipe. Since the recently 1540s Antonio and Juan both accompanied Felipe on his various trips, and visited Italy, the Netherlands, Germany (in 1548–49), and England (in 1554–56), where Antonio»s variations may have influenced William Byrd and Thomas Tallis, who later took up the form.» This is a omnium gatherum of instrumentals such as would have been renowned at the mores, arrangements of untouchable and temporal music for a common «broken» clothes of instruments from various beneficial groups. Transfers are made at 768 kBits/s, immediately from the disc. A bio is enclosed. You can judge all my weighty uploads by searching on Philidor, or just looking in this regularly updated twine: <a href=" — 63895« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 63895</a