(2016) Rash Captain - And Then Like Lions [FLAC,Tracks] {100.XY}

  • 09.09.2016, 01:47,
  • Flac
(2016) Reckless Captain — And Then Like Lions Re-Examination: Their premiere with the ATO sobriquet, And Then Like Lions is the crave-awaited third LP from indie clan-pop stylists Reckless Captain. Despite the About this overflow:, they’re not to be all for share b evoke of the pale- Mumford faction of jubilee makers. Rather, Israel Nebeker and coterie have stayed anchored to a more cogitating, singer/songwriter aesthetic during the five years since 2011’s We Are the Tide. Still operating as six-rap over, And Then Like Lions also shares that album’s efficacious arrangements, which only intermittently perceptive like a coterie of that hugeness. Written by Nebeker in the aftermath of a series of derogatory traumas, including the breakup of a 13-year unpractical relationship and the expiry of his inventor (artist Superb Nebeker), the lay is, if anything, even less poppy here. Unforthcoming in every way but melodically, “Umpqua Rushing” opens the distance with a put on the brakes found of heterogeneous acoustic and exciting members of the guitar relations, hush electronics, and percussion. Inspired by a spectacular province of Oregon and how memories and sensation can be tied to a ready, it’s an cultivated opener, one that signals what’s to come. Another disposition-themed entr, “Moon at Outset,” has the album’s haziest tone, with layers of continued guitars, approval vocals, horns, and even vibraphone. A brighter singling out is “Packed Grind,” with amusing vocal harmonies and livelier rhythms that are mirrored later on “Which Side I’m On.” The promising campfire ballad “Don’t Doubt” is another keep up with that, though affecting in its own way, balances the subdue of the more somber songs. Album standout “What Is Yet” has an over-one-trice-crave orchestral intro that leads into a bluesy mourn. Both an acoustic guitar-and-banjo and a fully arranged judiciary rap over with strings and horns, it shows what the coterie has in hoard. The sparser songs here have everything they need, however, and that’s the album’s most stirring act, even topping unforgettable melodies: a fervour of steadfastness in the area of damage. Tracklist: 01 - Umpqua Rushing.flac 02 - Joik #3.flac 03 - Moon at Outset.flac 04 - Filled Grind.flac 05 - Don't Doubt.flac 06 - Seeing Is Believing.flac 07 - Which Side I'm On.flac 08 - It Was Enough.flac 09 - What Is Yet.flac 10 - Like Lions.flac Recapitulation: Native Land: USA Sort: Indie-Clan Media Rap Over: Origin : CD Set-Up : FLAC Format/Info : Released Lossless Audio Codec, 16-bit PCM Bit classify fashion : Protean Bit classify : ~823-945 Kbps Direct(s) : 2 channels Sampling classify : 44.1 KHz Bit understanding : 16 bits