Steve Vai - Passion And Warfare (1990) [25th] (2016) [24-192]

  • 12.09.2016, 20:06,
  • Flac
Artist: Steve Vai Inscription: Passion And Warfare [25th Anniversary Number] Year Of Save: 2016 (1990) Epithet: Epic/Legacy Sort: Beneficial Amaze Importance: FLAC (tracks) [24Bit/192kHz] Measure: 66:12 Take The Measure Of: 2,63 GB Extol of the heroic guitarist Steve Vai«s notable unaccompanied breakthrough &#151; staggering Passion and Warfare &#151; 25th Anniversary Number. Recorded entirely in Vai»s Mothership domestic studio, Passion and Warfare represents Steve Vai as a melodic, dull guitarist with a largesse for curious mixture and a discerning appeal to convey the private and the metaphysical through his every last note. The outcome was nothing pithy of principal. The album was championed by critics: Guitar Sportswoman and Guitar Magic named it the best album of 1990, and both magazines showered him with particular awards; Guitar Sportswoman awarded Vai the titles of Best Amaze Guitarist for the fi fth year in a row and Best Overall Guitarist for the third year in a row, while Guitar Magic named him Best Amaze Guitarist and deemed «For the Dearest of God» the year's best guitar unaccompanied. For this anniversary save, the album was newly remastered from the nonconformist analog tapes, and includes four newly discovered recordings from the album sessions! 01 - Presumptuous 02 - Risqu Nightmares 03 - The Subhuman 04 - Answers 05 - The 06 - Ballerina 12/24 07 - For the Dearest of God 08 - The Audience Is Listening 09 - I Would Dearest To 10 - Dejected Control 11 - Fatty Kid's Bosh (Impure Twelve) 12 - Be Unfeasible Smack 13 - Sisters 14 - Dearest Secrets 15 - Handsome Miracle Drug [Perk Trail] 16 - And We Are One [Perk Trail] 17 - As Above [Perk Trail] 18 - So Below [Perk Trail] <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a