Messiaen - The Rarities of Messiaen - Loriod (1943, EMI) [2 CDs]

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- Composer: Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992, French, Stylish authoritative music) — Line: It is a singling out of initial recordings of Messiaen«s music for various harmonious conglomeration, all interpreted by Messiaen and the sisters Loriod (significant connoisseurs of Messiaen»s art). They are «rarities» in the feel something in one«s bones that you can»t finger them without difficulty elsewhere than this CD. — Played by: Yvonne & Jeanne Loriod, Messiaen himself — Minutes term and rendezvous: EMI, 1943 - My observation: the recordings are old, but very valuable to either fan of Messiaen, or to collectors. It's an incredible legacy to have these pieces played by the composer himself! — Tracks : Disc: 1 1. Trois petites liturgies de la Poise Consecrated — I/26: Antienne 2. Progression 3. Psalmodie 4. Les Offrandes oubliées, méditations symphoniques, for orchestra 5. Regards (20) sur l«Enfant-Jésus, for piano, I/27: 10. Affect de l»esprit de joie 6. Regards (20) sur l«Enfant-Jésus, for piano, I/27: 15. Le baiser de l»enfant Jésus 7. Preludes (8) for piano, I/2: 1. La colombe 8. Preludes (8) for piano, I/2: 3. Le nombre léger 9. Preludes (8) for piano, I/2: 5. Les sons impalpables du rêve Disc: 2 1. Visions de l'Amen for 2 pianos, I/25: Amen de la The Cosmos 2. Amen des Etoiles, de la planète à l'anneau 3. Amen de l'Agonie de Jésus 4. Amen du Désir 5. Amen des Anges, des Saints, du Descant des oiseaux 6. Amen du Jugement 7. Amen de la Consommation 8. Études de rhythme (4), for piano on one's own, I/32-35: Il de feu 1 9. Études de rhythme (4), for piano on one's own, I/32-35: Il de feu 2 10. Études de rhythme (4), for piano on one's own, I/32-35: Neumes rythmiques 11. Études de rhythme (4), for piano on one«s own, I/32-35: Condition de valeurs et d»intensités ///..................................................... Welcome to Caudheur's Authoritative Catalog (CCC)! I have a lyrical middling aggregation of authoritative music, encoded in lossless constitution (FLAC). I will start to upload as much as I can, because I believe significant works of art should be shared for all mankind :) I also take requests, and remarks to ameliorate my torrents (it's my first period creating torrents)! I wish you a suave listening, and don't ignore to spore so that Music lives on