Charpentier - Miserere - Corboz (1974, Erato)

  • 18.09.2016, 10:18,
  • Flac
* CD info Charpentier — Extremum dei judicium (Judgment Day) and Miserere des Jesuites — Michel Corboz & Soli — Erato, 1974 * About the recording This recording is very in the red to bring to light, and contains an absurd conception of Charpentier's holy works. If you are used to baroque music played by baroque ensembles, you will be surprised by the way Corboz appropriate this music! It is precisely over-shocking, majestic magnificence of devoutness, as opposed to the familiar austere interpretations. * Technicals Unconditional duration — 57m 09s Ordinarily bitrate — 633 kbps Encoder — FLAC 1.3.1, lossless, compression bulldoze 5 * Tracks 01. Le Jugement dernier — Auditen coeli quae loquor (basse).flac; 02. Le Jugement dernier — O pavor, o tremor ( soli & choeur).flac; 03. Le Jugement dernier — «»Bruits de trompettes«».flac; 04. Le Jugement dernier — Et Factus est subito sonus (choeur).flac; 05. Le Jugement dernier — «»Bruits de trompettes«» (2).flac; 06. Le Jugement dernier — Et factus est subito sonus (choeur).flac; 07. Le Jugement dernier — Venite benedicte, venite electi mei (basse).flac; 08. Le Jugement dernier — O justa punitio (soli & choeur).flac; 09. Le Jugement dernier — Vos autem selecti (alto, contre-implication).flac; 10. Le Jugement dernier — Hymnus dicamus Domino (soli & choeur).flac; 11. Miserere des Jésuites — Prélude.flac; 12. Miserere des Jésuites — Miserere mei Deus (basse & choeur).flac; 13. Miserere des Jésuites — Amplius lava me (soli).flac; 14. Miserere des Jésuites — Ecce enim (soli & choeur).flac; 15. Miserere des Jésuites — Asperges me (implication).flac; 16. Miserere des Jésuites — Auditui meo (soli).flac; 17. Miserere des Jésuites — Averte faciem tuam (soli & choeur).flac; 18. Miserere des Jésuites — Ne projicias me (soli & choeur).flac; 19. Miserere des Jésuites — Docebo iniquos vias tuas (choeur).flac; 20. Miserere des Jésuites — Libera me (basse, implication & choeur).flac; 21. Miserere des Jésuites — Sacrifium Deo (soprano).flac; 22. Miserere des Jésuites — Beigne fac Domine (sopranos).flac; 23. Miserere des Jésuites — Tunc acceptabis scrificium (choeur).flac ///..................................................... Welcome to Caudheur's Latin Catalog (CCC)! I have a lyrical well brought up chrestomathy of latin music, encoded in lossless plan (FLAC). I will start to upload as much as I can, because I believe vast works of art should be shared for all mankind :) I also take requests, and remarks to make progress my torrents (it's my first all at once creating torrents)! I wish you a bright listening, and don't disregard to origin so that Music lives on