Bach - Die Kunst der Fuge - Scherchen (1965,TAHRA)

  • 18.09.2016, 15:53,
  • Flac
* CD info J.S. Bach &#151; Die Kunst der Fuge (The Art of Fugue) &#151; Scherchen & CBC Toronto &#151; Tahra, 1965 * About the recording This is a made-up recording of one of the most famed occupation by Bach! Scherchen has done many orchestral style of the Art of the Fugue, and is by many regarded as one of its the best actor. The first footprints is terrifying: we can approve of Scherchen (with his clotted German underline) and his orchestra rehearsing, giving us very valuable discernment both into the simplification and the occupation itself. The secure is a bit unsatisfying, but annoyed enough to reveal the listening enjoyable for want of a down one. * Technicals Come To duration &#151; 02h 02m 26s Unexceptional bitrate &#151; 636 kbps Encoder &#151; FLAC 1.3.1, lossless, compression unalterable 5 * Tracks Disc: 1 1. Read-Through 2. Proclamation 3. Counterpoint I, 4. Counterpoint II 5. Counterpoint III 6. Counterpoint IV 7. Counterpoint V 8. Counterpoint VI 9. Counterpoint VII 10. Counterpoint VIII 11. Counterpoint IX Disc: 2 1. Counterpoint X 2. Counterpoint XI 3. Counterpoint XII 4. Counterpoint XIII 5. Counterpoint XIV 6. Counterpoint XV 7. Counterpoint XVI 8. Counterpoint XVII 9. Counterpoint XVIII 10. Closing Proclamation ///..................................................... Welcome to Caudheur's Model Catalog (CCC)! I have a harmonious suitable accumulation of model music, encoded in lossless shape (FLAC). I will start to upload as much as I can, because I believe vast works of art should be shared for all mankind :) You can attack my catalogue here: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a I wish you a likeable listening, and don't omit to ruin so that Music lives on