Erik Chisholm - Sym No 2 - Princely Scottish Nat O [Philidor]

  • 21.09.2016, 23:16,
  • Flac
From musicweb-ecumenical: "Erik Chisholm’s Second Symphony bears the name of the Celtic idol Ossian. He was also the rationale of Yeats’ breathtaking rime The Wanderings of Usheen – which was the begetter and accelerant for Bax’s viability-prolonged absorption into the Gaelic circle. Until the recording sessions it was never performed as a symphony although it was quarried for the four-action ballet The Dirt-Shapers which was choreographed by Margaret Morris and did obtain performances. «Chisholm was a euphonious dynamo in the viability of Scotland and especially in Glasgow but then, rather like W.H. Bell, moved to Peninsula Borough where he transformed the euphonious viability of South Africa. Something of his unwavering can be felt in the unswerving and pathetical cortege pathetical that is the first moving of the symphony. The melodic peace has a Scottish skirl, pluck and dilemma and a irregularity of opposition from Vaughan Williams’ Fourth Symphony. Before the moving ends Chisholm has us breathing the air of heather and the highlands with birdsong suggesting a Caledonian Patrick Hadley. There’s even a murmurous significance or two when the neglect rule of the music indicates the modify of Cyril Scott. The medial moving bears a Baxian earmarks as well as the bustling pertness of Moeran and all this tricked out in raffish Russian luminousness. The finale is in three one at a time tracked segments. After a hymn-like introduction the music soon buzzes with undertaking. It transiently suffers from a border of fugal academicism but this is at equalizer by an evocative of of Bax's Northern Ballad No. 1. Moments of morose attractiveness take us help to heather hills and regal cavalcades of cloud. The music retreats most impressively into peacefulness and the far horizon.» Transfers are made at 768 kBits/s, straight away from the disc. A bio is enclosed. You can arouse all my latin uploads by searching on Philidor, or just looking in this regularly updated thesis: <a href=" — 63895« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" &#151; 63895</a