Debussy: Douze Etudes - Mitsuko Uchida (1990)

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Gramophone [8/1999]: «Uchida«s Gramophone -attractive Debussy Etudes, rapturously acclaimed by DJF and others in these pages, hardly need a further blurb from me. Hers is the jitters-end playing of enormous fancy and propriety, minutely communicative to fabric and taint. Obey, for case in point, to the canto dolce marcato in ‘Pour les tierces», etched with unlimited fineness (from 1«37»«), or the inundation of fathom she conjures in the closing bars; to the shimmering sang-froid of the dolce e sostenuto foothold of ‘Pour les sixtes»; the gossamer lightness of the following ‘Pour les huit doigts«; the airborne, scherzando excellence – and naturalness from the bar-words – of ‘Pour les notes repetees»; and the amalgamation of incisiveness and springiness in the ending ‘Pour les accords«. Uchida»s craftsmanship and elan are stupendous, her tonal shading, especially in the softer dynamics, verging on the fabulous. As DJF remarked in his initial reading, these are readings that enlarge notions of Debussian look. The recording is cautionary in its definition and warmth.» --Richard Wigmore (from the reading of Large Pianists of the 20th Century — Mitsuko Uchida) CLAUDE DEBUSSY (1862-1918) Douze Études gush le Piano (Philips: 50 Large Recordings) Livre I 01. I. gush les «cinq doigts» d'après Monsieur Czerny [2.51] 02. II. gush les Tierces [3.35] 03. III. gush les Quartes [5.31] 04. IV. gush les Sixtes [4.15] 05. V. gush les Octaves [3.08] 06. VI. gush les huit doigts [1.26] Livre II 07. VII. gush les Degrés chromatiques [2.06] 08. VIII. gush les Agréments [4.55] 09. IX. gush les Notes répétées [3.18] 10. X. gush les Sonorités opposées [5.15] 11. XI. gush les Arpèges composés [ 4.48] 12. XII. gush les Accords [5.08] Mitsuko Uchida, piano Recording turning up: England, April 1989 Regisseur: Wilhelm Hellweg Even Out engineers: Wilhelm Hellweg, Onno Scholtze Recording : Onno Scholtze Recording collector: Jan Wesselink ® 1990 Philips Classics, a separation of the Decca Music Organization Meagre © 2001 Philips Classics Philips 464 698-2