StepMania 3.9 RC2a X1 - XBOX Compiled Rendition

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# StepMania 3.9 RC2a X1 #
# Xbox Compiled Adaptation #
# Compiled by: Alex3305 #


This adaptation is based on the StepMania 3.9 rc2a releasing and includes most of its features. Keep in concentration that
this is a Travail In Rise (WIP) adaptation. This adaptation is compiled with Visual Studio .net 2003 and the XDK.

Further some files didn«t transport here but I didn»t have any problems with StepMania. These files are still
included but aren't transfered cause of the FatX procedure that only supports filenames upto 40 characters. If
anyone perceive a unravelling for this that would be devoted !

(sidenote by Iriez) I've included the supported files provided by tvstatic so that no files should by mistake when
transfering. I also added the sampler prevarication from Xport's anterior body to get you new stepmania users going.(/sidenote)
Known issues, limitations and differences from the PC/Linux/Mac adaptation:

— Characters don't seem to be appearing
— Film and Visualisation uphold has not been implented
— Packages implentation is broken
— No USB keybourd support

Advantages of StepManiaX (by Xport) v5:

— Accepted Retention Managment has been implented
— Draw names can be typed with the Xbox controller
— IP Adresses (for SMLan) can be typed in with the Xbox controller
— Controls can now be mapped using the Xbox controller
— Small prevarication editing is now supported with the Xbox controller
— Themes are working ? (see below)
— Faster loading
— Possible 128MB RAM fix (needs testing)

Accepted Retention Managment:

Accepted Retention Managment (VMM) has been implented on this adaptation with on-bid paging. This should solve
most but not all out of retention problems that come off. Out of retention errors can still come off becuase textures
burdened by StepMania (using Direct3D) are not burdened into the accepted retention and thus cannot be managed by
the Accepted Retention Superintendent. So, if too many textures are burdened you can still get out of retention errors.

You can assemble the settings of the VMM in the : Stepmania.ini that is originate in /data/. This is created
when Stepmania first run. Here is where the settings are:

Under [Options]:
EnableVirtualMemory — Enabled by default; set it to 0 to disable, 1 to enable
PageFileSize — failure is 384; this is the judge of the in MegaBytes
PageSize — failure is 16; this is the of a unattached bellman in KiloBytes
PageThresHold — failure is 8; this is the lowest judge in KiloBytes for an allocation to be
managed by the Accepted Retention Manager

Under [Debug]:
LogVirtualMemory — lame by default; when enabled it writes to the log every allocation,
deallocation and bellman swap during touch. Set to 0 to
disable, 1 to enable

Xbox Controller keyboard input:

StepMania is now accepting keyboard input using the Xbox controller. This allows you to produce profiles,
fuse to SMLan servers and to map the controls. The controls for input are as follows:

Typing (Draw names, IP Adresses):
D-Pad up/down — Favoured next/previous person in the right most place
D-Pad left side — Deletes most right character
D-Pad right — Disturb cursor right, by failure creates a span (Draw) or zero (SMLan) character
B — Set most right to span (Draw) or . (SMLan)
Y — Favoured next person to genre in called-for of slash-specimen, uppercase, digits, symbols (Draw)
A — Favoured anterior character
Start — Agree To input
To — Go back

Mapping Controls:
D-Pad — Favoured exercise power to map
Start — Select the exercise power to map and then ladies the button you want to attach to it
Favoured — Go to the anterior screen
A,B,X,Y — Perceptive the control

You can only map controls with the first controller ! So if you want to map the Performer 2 buttons you will
have to go to the exercise power on the first controller, ladies Start and then on ladies the button you want to
attach on the second controller.

Review Uphold:

When I installed KatzeExtreme (StepManiaX Xbox adaptation) it didn't travail but maybe you will get it to travail.

The next for all practical purposes is shortly copied of the Author Pack Readme:

"Limited review uphold is available in this adaptation. Themes travail the same way as in the PC adaptation.

A mess that is unmistakable with the Xbox adaptation is the FatX filename in the long run b for a long time limitation. A workaround has
been developed for this, thanks to the beyond of the Elegance metric for in themes. This unravelling
assumes you have the java accepted gadget on your PC.

To add a review to the Xbox adaptation of Stepmania, you must first have it unpacked on your PC. First, try
to transport the review files to the appropriate folder on the Xbox. Recall which files did not transport
correctly. Accompanying this codification is a java program called RenameScreen. This can be originate in the
Utils folder. Now, each that did not transport correctly should have a filter name prefix
ie. ScreenEndlessBreak. To diminish the in the long run b for a long time of this , we can rename this filter to something else.

I'd offer something intuitive like «SEB».

So, for each filter name that needs reducing, do the following:

1. Go to the oversight persuade and get to the plan where the java program (RenameScreen.elegance) is. By failure
this is Utils in this codification, but you may wish to disturb it somewhere easier like where you keep your

2. Genre «java RenameScreen [review plan] [filter name to switch] [what to switch to]». So, if you were
changing ScreenEndlessBreak to SEB in the KatzeExtreme folder, you would genre "java RenameScreen KatzeExtreme
ScreenEndlessBreak SEB". This will go through the review and switch all the filenames that start with the
filter name you specified to the new name. It also goes through the ini and redir files and fixes references
made to those files.

3. Now all you have to do is subject the metrics.ini , look for the renamed filter name header (eg [SEB]),
and, if the elegance territory is not already there, add «Class=[queer fish filter name]»
(eg «Class=ScreenEndlessBreak»).

Once all the mess filter names have been dealt with, exterminate the files you transferred to the Xbox before,
and transport the new adaptation, and you're done!

The following limitations use to themes:

— png files that are not png files (as in gif files that are named as png files) will cause Stepmania to
bang on the XBox
— Techno Fiend will spotlight, but the fonts are totally screwed, and some of the images (most particularly on
the menu filter) are very distorted"

Additional Prevarication Folders:

In Stepmania.ini in the details folder, there is an non-compulsory territory AdditionalSongFolders.

You can commence in a plan where songs are kept in this land. The journey epistle for the DVD-ROM is A:.

All fatiguing disk partitions have their habitual journey letters.

Have fun !

I promise you will derive pleasure this new StepMania adaptation as much as I do. So have fun with it !
Yours Sincerly,

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