EMPIRE: Deck Edifice Plan v1.0.0

  • 11.06.2016, 07:51,
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The barbarous tribes who fought amongst themselves for so many aeons are at last able to come together to create a wonderous edification. Is yours the first of its friendly in this domain, or one of many? No man knows, but what all men know is that their Empire must not only endure, but do!

The domain is curvaceous of monstrous horrors, however, and they will exhaust away at your Empire from all sides. resources have become more unusual. And perhaps worst of all, your effective Empire has grown cloudy and curvaceous of internal competition with its age.

How want can you suffer the pressures of survival before your Empire in the long run comes crumbling slyly down into the desolated globe from which it grew?

EMPIRE introduces the world's first «Deck-Erection 4X Policy Game». EMPIRE is a quick-witted, hands down-to-learn yet tough to owner strategy/tactics meet. FEATURES:
— Procedurally generated worlds mean that no two games will be in like manner.

Will you declare valuable mountains to gold-mine military materials from? Edibles-fruitful forests that will burgeon your Empire quickly?

— A lone take on the deck erection machinery compare favourably with to those in Region, Stymie Tiresome-Down or Ascension. Your deck grows during the meet, and it fills with both useful Effectiveness Cards, effective Attraction Cards, -- and also entirely inefficient Competition Cards. Managing your deck is an signal constituent of staying great!
— Dozens of fascinating cunning cards featuring prime art from concept artist Gilles Ketting.
— A lone grid based cunning enter the lists against organized whole. Use your Effectiveness and Attraction cards to get the higher help and crush the adversary forces!
— Divergent From well-known 4X policy games which not only take hours, but be inclined to become tiresome and monotonous past due meet, EMPIRE is a quick-witted, refined cut-contest of a meet.
— Designed by indie meet originate superstar Keith Burgun, originator of 100 Rogues.

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1.Install the APK
2.Copy «com.crazymonkeystudios.empire» folder to «Sdcard/Android/Obb»
3.Launch the Meet

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