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I really get a kick listening to music while watching the G-Intensity visualizations in Xbox Media Center. I think the effects are staggering and just can«t get enough, so I»ve become under the weather of all-encompassing about decision as many additional configs as possible. I went meditating all of the postings on the notice billet at the old G-Intensity web messenger. That primary billet is gone now, but a newer one is located at the coeval G-Intensity locate:


It's a salutary pinpoint to go to out what is currently episode with the PC and Mac versions of this jam-in. Unfortunately, the variety we have of G-Intensity for XBMC is based on the old 1.0 variety. I believe that this is the only variety that the designer has released the fountain-head encode for. Hopefully this will at last shift.

I figured I would allocation all of the configs I«ve ground on various forums and other sites. This is a best program that is quality spending $10 to foundation. I know I have. I»m assuming that the designer would not want me to allocation the 25 supplementary configs that are in the Gold variety, so they are not here. There are some really great distinction configs here and some of the effects are unbelievable.

It's been almost 3 months since my last Update Cram. In that experience, the G-Intensity web messenger has been updated with an Extras divide up that includes several zipped multi-packs of additional configs. This makes much easier! So, this update includes the configs from:

DaveF 0.1.0.zip
demonseed 0.1.0.zip
DT 0.1.0.zip
EDP 0.1.0.zip
EK 0.1.0.zip
ER 0.1.0.zip
ethan 0.1.0.zip
HAL 0.1.0.zip
JayPro 0.1.0.zip
JB 0.1.0.zip
misc 0.1.0.zip
RE 0.1.0.zip
Rovastar 0.1.0.zip
Ted 0.1.0.zip
TP 0.1.0.zip
Uber 0.1.0.zip

As G-Intensity for XBMC doesn«t look over folders for configs, I»ve lumped all of the configs into their gentlemanly folders and made sure no filenames ran over 42 or contained any shut-in characters. There were some duplicates, so I always well-organized to only overwrite older versions with newer versions. I also took the experience to make an analogy with the 419 configs I had ground that were in the premature Update Cram and cranky-checked them to the contents of the new Extras multi-packs. After a fun three hours, I was hand with 126 configs not in the Extras multi-packs. There were also 25 or so configs in the Extras multi-packs that are included in the conventional G-Intensity base for XBMC. I've removed those as well.

I«ve also included an updated «G-Intensity.xml». I»ve changed the syncdelay to zero and increased the purposefulness to 800x600. This looks much better and still runs at a dangerous zip. For those with widescreen TVs, I«ve included a reproduce «G-Intensity.vis» chronologize renamed to «G-Intensity 16x9.vis» and a corresponding «G-Intensity 16x9.xml» with syncdelay set to zero and the purposefulness set to 960x540. This is a salutary compromise purposefulness for HDTV and besides, 1280x720 runs too soporific :-( I»m sure this plight will take a turn for the better when Xbox 2 comes out ;-) This adds a compressed 36K or so to the cram, but I think it's better (and easier for the end-consumer) to do it this way, instead of including directions on how to delete «G-Intensity.xml» and what to shift the numbers to. Just reminisce over to «G-Intensity 16x9» as your visualization if you have a widescreen TV.

**UPDATE 2005-03-16:

It's been a few months and there have been a match up of updates on the Extras messenger at the G-Intensity locate:

gacton 0.1.1.zip (New cram with 16 new DeltaFields)
Rovastar 0.2.0.zip (Update with 7 new DeltaFields)

In annexe, Rovastar posted a «Rovastar Mix» three cram on the notice boards, only one of which ended up in his 0.2.0 update. So, that gives us a unqualified of 25 new configs for this update!

ChokeManiac, the conspirator of the celebrated Contrive Havoc scrape series for XBMC, was good enough to enlighten me that changing the choice in the XboxMediaCenter.xml to «true» will not only display you the amount of unconfined tribute, but also issue a block out regardless piece! Using this, I unconditional to try with the purposefulness settings in an have a go to get better a higher framerate without sacrificing too much distinction. My objective was to get to 30 fps. In 4x3 rage, I ground when comparing my coeval 800x600 to 640x480 that the distinction and zip seemed twin. It occurred to me that because the TV and XBMC purposefulness was set at 640x480 (480p) that G-Intensity is most likely only allowing a max purposefulness of 640x480. HDTV is a different book. Because the TV and XBMC purposefulness is now 1280x720 (720p), G-Intensity seems to allow any purposefulness up to that. Trying to run at 1280x720 produces a delightful but incredibly soporific-inspiring effigy. I unconditional in olden days to go with the purposefulness exactly between 1280x720 and 640x360, namely 960x540. I«ve never been absolutely ecstatic with the framerate that purposefulness produced, and probably should have done more experimenting. Now that I can see framerate for testing, I»ve ground that this purposefulness only gives 14-17 fps. 640x360 runs over 30 fps, but produces (at least of my Panasonic 50« DLP HDTV) a really course and grainy effigy. 800x450 ran a bit faster at 18-21 fps, but 720x405 seems the best compromise as it still looks really dangerous and gets us a steadfast 23-29 fps. We have a title-holder! So, »G-Intensity.xml« is now set to 640x480 and »G-Intensity 16x9" is now set to 720x405.

One fleet note about another conception made during testing. Using filters for the GUI also affects G-Intensity. On the XBMC dwelling-pinpoint process, Settings and then Semblance. Elect GUI Filters, set Flap Clean to 0 and declare sure Soften is not selected. This will grind up the graphics in G-Intensity and also seems to add about 3 fps to the zip!

**UPDATE 2005-04-08:

How visualizations business on XBMC has been changed on 2005-04-06 and so has the g-intensity.vis chronologize. So, for any XBMC builds after that boy, you«ll need the new updated .vis chronologize. Ythan, aka [Y], compiles the best builds of XBMC and he gave me a best teachings when he used this Update Cram in one of his builds. He hand the primary «g-intensity.xml» alone, renaming to «G-Intensity Great.xml» for 640x480 (along with adding a corresponding «G-Intensity Great.vis»). This is dangerous because it makes available to the consumer the primary unmodified 360x288 purposefulness as an choice. So, I»ve renamed my updated «g-intensity.xml» to «G-Intensity Great.xml». Although this adds another compressed 36K to the Update Cram, I've included the corresponding «G-Intensity Great.vis» along with my primary «G-Intensity 16x9.vis», both updated from the latest base. This just makes more wisdom. Thanks Ythan!

**UPDATE 2005-06-17:

A lot has changed with how XBMC handles the various visualizations. The big shift is that there is now zip foundation for configs. The g-intensity.vis chronologize has also changed again. I unconditional that I should one certain Update Cram. Why the last? Well, the big mind is that G-Intensity for XBMC is based on the old G-Intensity 1.0 from 2000. This manifestly is not going to shift. The very latest configs were designed for the newest variety of G-Intensity, which has many more knowledgeable effects and settings that sometimes just don«t conceive an purport at all with the variety for XBMC. Rovastar and Violet both put out some new configs that when put on XBMC conceive no purport at all. So I just don»t see the headland of updating the Cram to add configs that don«t do anything. There are several configs in the Cram already that don»t do anything. When you see the off-stainless illogical purport with a bad cv, you«re seeing what this old variety of G-Intensity for XBMC does with a new config it doesn»t realize. Unfortunately, there is no flexible way to go through the configs one-by-one to interval the ones that don«t business. It»s a chasten, really. I still get a kick G-Intensity for XBMC sometimes, but in a nostalgic «old school» way. MilkDrop for XBMC is just so much faster and more diversified that comparing it to the five-year-old variety of G-Intensity we are stuck with (without any armaments acceleration), is really not fair.

I unconditional that I should start over with this Update Cram to do it right. Because the 42 status limitation doesn't register to files in a zip archive, I wanted all of the names of the configs to be scold. I took all of the old configs I had unexcited along the way and separated them into the scold folders. Then I extracted all of the configs from the Extras messenger into these folders, overwriting duplicates. For Ever, I copied the configs included in the G-Intensity for XBMC base into these folders, again allowing overwrites. Then I went through and ground three duplicates and stable a few goofy filenames. This gave us a unqualified of 1507 configs. I zipped the files into their gentlemanly archives using «store» rage for faster XBMC access.

At Last Andy O«Meara will ideal the new vis he»s working on and then maybe we'll see an uninhibited fountain-head issue of the latest variety of G-Intensity. I would devotion to see the latest circumstances-of-the-art G-Intensity with thrash detection and purport combinations (FlowField Unions) on XBMC. Maybe someday...


Glean the «visualisations» folder into your Xbox Media Center directory using whatever method you used to get it there in the first pinpoint. This will triple the platoon of configs from the non-performance 490 to 1507! You will be replacing ColorMaps.zip, DeltaFields.zip, Particles.zip and WaveShapes.zip, but the new zip archives classify all of the primary configs, plus the new ones. On the dwelling-pinpoint process of XBMC, Settings, then My Music and at Visualisation, elect «G-Intensity High» if you have a recognized 4:3 TV or «G-Intensity 16x9» if you have a widescreen TV.

If any of the folks who anthologize the various builds of XBMC want to classify these configs in their builds, help yourself! Just please reminisce over to classify the two «G-Intensity High» files and the two «G-Intensity 16x9» files. Continual G-Intensity at the non-performance 360x288 looks lovely lousy!

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