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I've triple checked and I cannot believe that nobody has uploaded the new adaptation of this application.... well crew... here it is!

dvd2xbox by WiSo


— added: remotecontrol.xml to ôcontrolö dvd2xbox from another app: http://wiki.ws0.org/wakka.php?wakka=remotecontrol.

A stripped down integument and a python cursive writing to convoke dvd2xbox from XBMC can be set up in the dvd2xbox forum: http://forum.ws0.org/index.php?c=4

— added: for DHCP (implemented XBMC network layer)

— added: network fashion scene. ôdashö to apply settings from cast, ôDHCPö to get it from a DHCP server and ôstaticö to use the settings in dvd2xbox.xml

— added: for usb keyboards. Use it to hold back dvd2xbox and to a postal card with the essential keyboard (english layout only)

— changed: the essential keyboard is only showing the last directory in obligations now

— changed: profound B in the essential keyboard simulates backspace

— changed: the unlocker is scuppered per come up short now since it seems to be the cause of crashes on some boxes

— rigid: two functions former available via the menu: UNCONSCIONABLE to display infos about the inserted XBOX feign, VANQUISH to start auto detection of the DVD manually

— skinning: added the put down to ôdirectionö to the extract particular. The value ôverticalö specifies vertical text

— skinning: added new particular ôshortcutö which let you to different contexts without using the menu


— beta: added iso ripper to dvd2xbox. Please note that the raw exciting effectively depends on the reading

capabilities of your DVD suggest. Couldn't assay it due to missing softmodded box. Any reports are

appreciated (http://forum.ws0.org/viewforum.php?f=9)

— rigid: added a workaround to circumvent box flashing when switching context

— rigid: limitation of 1024 files and directories in the register manager

— rigid: remap of d: to the dvd suggest when started and no disc is inserted

— added: adroit pore over when starting the feign manager

— added: some four-square gui sounds

— changed: reboot from menu does a silly reset now

— changed: extract scroller has now pixel based movement

— skinning: added particular defaultmenuback for come up short menu unseen images

— skinning: added particular activexbeicon to display the feign liberate picture of the highlighted game

— skinning: added chameleonic mbpersecond to display the customarily haul count in MB/s

— updated PM3 integument (thanks to Jezz_X)

v0.7.4 bugfix

— rigid: games weren't launched when started via the feign manager

— rigid: DVD hugeness might get improper if DVD was inserted before dvd2xbox was started

— rigid: ftp server register corruption when haul files from xbox to PC

— added: four-square screwball based scrolling for extract, menu and browser items (not in use yet)


Skinners: Please update your skins to use the new chance menu in the menu.

dvd2xbox is sponsored by www.gamefreax.de.

— skinning: added new particular dvdxbeicon which displays the embedded xbe picture when a XBOX feign DVD is loaded

— added: for SmartXX V3 and OPX LCD

— added: MP3/OGG to Samba ripping

— added: TheSpecialist unlocker unwritten law'. This should fix the 11MB video point which some softmods still have (hopefully)

— added: a shutdown menu to the mainmenu (Reboot,Shutdown,Open/Close Tray, Inauguration DVD,weigh on Y to get started)

— added: dns lookup. The freedb IP could now also be a hostname

— added: probe if the SMB stop directory exists. if it exists a thousand to the directory name is added

— added: extract extensions for the viewer can be choosen in dvd2xbox.xml. Viewer called via the affray menu displays all files

— gui: some metamorphose to the register administrator inputs to have it a little bit more like XBMCs register administrator (Trigger for high-speed scrolling, unconscionable to unreserved the suggest menu, undefiled to unreserved the affray menu, A to start xbe's and assess extract files, B to sail one folder up, Y to highlight files)

— rigid: Video DVD->SMB and ISO->SMB imitation was broken

— rigid: video replacement during imitation FEIGN -> SMB

— rigid: fileprogress greater than 100%

— rigid: predicament key combo (LEFT+RIGHT TRIGGER + Y) sets the integument vanquish to the right come up short skin

— rigid: null byte files failed to imitation via SMB

— skinning: dvd2xbox checks for the register startup.xml to guard a dvd2xbox skin

— skinning: alignment for extract and menu items <align>right</align> (radical,right,center)

— skinning: updated Stand Out Extermination III integument to the newest version


— added: prospect for more than 1 samba ration in dvd2xbox.xml ( Quirk Seek FT543 )

— added: XBMC autodetection quirk. dvd2xbox detects XBMC ftp server and blemish versa

— added: essential keyboard to SMB imitation to metamorphose stop directory ( Quirk Seek FT580 )

— added: ACL delete/move/skip scuppered per come up short. Can be controlled via the settings menu

— added: role to take over from xbox feign videos (bik,sfd,wmv,xmv) by mindless files. Scuppered per come up short, can be enabled via the settings menu

( Quirk Seek FT450, mindless videos are in the dummyfiles folder )

— added: implemented DVD/CD detection in another thread

— added: dialog which warns in imitation fashion if no disc is inserted or disc is still being detected

— added: imitation retry and look over retry functions

— rigid a bug in the failed imitation retry role which could smash dvd2xbox in certain cases

— rigid a bug in the deletion role which could smash dvd2xbox when there's more than one register or directory selected

— skinning apparatus: added vspace tag to menu and browser particular to expand on the vertical pixel aloofness. If omitted the font peak is used ( Quirk Seek FT543 )

— skinning apparatus: added widthpx for the browser and menu items

— skinning apparatus: added prospect to display ôscrolling arrowsö for register administrator, disc suggest dialog and feign manager

— skinning apparatus: rigid dialog ôno games foundö not shown in feign browser

— skinning apparatus: rigid a bug where the highlighted bar seems to be always behind the extract when using high-speed scrolling

— updated Stand Out Extermination III integument to the newest version

— removed the old dvd2xbox thread because it is not longer supported

Skinners please update your skins otherwise they'll breather dvd2xbox.

Another new integument of Jezz_X called Vista can be set up at the unimaginative places and in our forum http://forum.ws0.org/viewforum.php?f=14.

Many thanks to Jezz_X and fan for all the they gave me and to www.gamefreax.de my new sponsor.


— rigid skinning role in feign administrator: relX,relY now working for menu 2222 ( Bug Communication FT440 )

— integument apparatus: rigid ${fileprogress} and ${allprogress} no filled with the portion for the actually register copied and the whole disc ( Bug Communication FT496 )

— updated to XBMCs libdvdcss adaptation 1.2.9

— rigid ACL role RM. Now supports placeholders ? and *. Example: ${DEST}fo?.x* ( SF#1184873 )

— register administrator: affray menu also available via START

— integument apparatus: added startup.xml for the startup screen

— added hot functionality (weigh on radical thumbstick)

— integument apparatus: added widthpx for the extract particular to specify range in pixel

— added for the standoffish hold back ( Quirk Seek FT443 )

— rigid a bug in the ftp patron which causes imitation failures when copying dvd2xbox->dvd2xbox ( Bug Communication FT488 )

— added ACL files: The Astonishing Oaf:Basic Extermination and NBA Suggest 2004 (NTSC)

— added new Stand Out Extermination 3 integument by Jezz_X as come up short integument now — Archetype graphics by Chokemaniac


Second bugfix. No need to update if you're using the existing skins.

— rigid relX/relY not working in feign administrator and submenus of the actionmenu.

— added detain for celebration result to circumvent distorted extract.

— added Jezz adaptation of the Projekt Extermination III integument (not the come up short integument yet, join the settings to get started it).


+ updated to tinyxml 2.3.4 to fix individual screwball point in skins

+ added prospect to set y class of the essential keyboard

+ particular extract of menu and affray menu now unpredictable (settings menu will supersede later)

+ rigid some smaller bugs in the skinning apparatus

Since no pre-eminent bugs of the skinning apparatus were reported I see it as enduring.

Stop In the integument forum http://forum.ws0.org/viewforum.php?f=14 for examples of the first skins.

v0.6.8 the «pimp my app» release

+ four-square skinning engine

+ rigid a smash when selecting LCD and «use lcd» is turned off

+ rigid a filemanager celebration leak

+ changed CDDB ip and rigid the freak handling

The skinning apparatus is still beta and this adaptation should only be used by those who wanna boot-lick with the dvd2xbox look and experience. Look at

the come up short integument for examples. I'll try to get a documentation all set soon so please have a look in the wiki for updates. If you meet with

problems with a new integument weigh on left+right trigger and Y together in the menu to get started the come up short integument.

I prospect to see some new skins in the on one occasion to come. Please piling it and bugs in the dvd2xbox forum at http://forum.ws0.org/index.php?c=4.


+ rigid a bug in the fatx renaming role which could smash dvd2xbox with certain prolonged register names

+ hustle up directory browsing for directories in the register browser (especially for ISO9660 CDs)

+ buildin ftp server checks now for fatx tally with filenames and renames it if needed

+ moderate celebration consumption by decreasing the unseen picture hugeness to a power of 2 (512x256)

+ completly rebuild the settings technique. added some more settings for the LCDs

+ added a chance to disable LCD scrolling

+ some disc imitation optimizations

+ rigid a bug where dvd2xbox stated zero bytes vob as «failed»

Known issues:

— cddb seek not working. Stump on a older adaptation if you need it.


+ rigid the essential keyboard experience issue

+ added collateral cursor scrolling for the essential keyboard. Weigh On the triggers for screwball based scrolling and the left

thumbstick for high-speed scrolling.

Sorry for the bracket gather of bugfixes but less on one occasion less tests. Communication all bugs to X-S or the dvd2xbox forums.


+ hopefully rigid the X3 backlight being to dark.

Thanks to SniperKilla and morpheus26441 for reporting the bug and testing. Unfortunately one reports it works the other that

it doesn't. Please assay and convention your own opinion.


+ added for X3 LCD

+ LCD: rigid «« being »ö» and some other screwball issues on X3 and SmartXX

+ LCD: rigid extract flickering

+ LCD: redesigned some output

+ added a four-square aver (not configurable yet, on the go after 2min, use dpad or buttons to deactivate it)

+ menu now browseable

+ added bitmap display for each particular on the menu ( unseen and particular icons are four-square bitmaps which can be definitively

replaced, redesign not end yet, more to come)

Note: Installing this let out will set all dvd2xbox settings to its defaults.

Thanks to www.rokey.net for his soothing metal icon set.


+ rigid a bug with feign not shown in the gamemanager if the titlename is emtpy.

+ rigid a bug which shows «path already exists» when choosing the stop dir and the going round feign has no titlename.

+ rigid a bug which shows a mindless extract box when renaming directories which contain a come up short.xbe with no titlename.

+ rigid: enabled vanquish button in xbe info box.

+ added: metamorphose led color to exhibit exciting standing (orange exciting,red bloomer, na done/idle). You can enable/disable it via

the settings menu (come up short is off).

+ removed the access ½patch media probe 1/2╗ from filemanager as ACL processing provides the same role.

+ added xbmc's filezilla ftp server. permit / disable it via the settings menu (come up short is off).

+ added configure chance for naming ripped cdda tracks (see dvd2xbox.xml for more).

Note: Installing this let out will set all dvd2xbox settings to its defaults.


+ added a hdd auto detection for f: and g:. Set autodetectHDD in the XML Register to 0 to disable it.

+ updated to the going round libcdio of xbmc.

+ changed the samba config to have it correspond to to XBMC.

+ rigid imitation fashion for artless udf discs.

+ rigid a bug in the squarely ISO/VCD/SVCD -> SMB imitation routine.

+ changed the rename role to use the commensurate direction rather than the absolut direction.

+ register administrator: added for samba ration.

+ register administrator: fabricate directory, imitation file/dir, rub file/dir and rename file/dir are now fully

working with FTP/UDF/SMB

+ beta: added a four-square feign administrator where all your games are listed. There you can start the games,

rub it, rub only the savegame or rub all. Configure the pathes where to search for games

in the dvd2xbox.xml. Add there additional directories between the gamedir tag.

Recognize the gamemanager is still beta. Communication all bugs interdependent to it and the set of the aaplication

on xbox-scene.com or via the sourceforge stand out epoch.

+ added some startup info texts.


+ rigid the imitation retry role and added for ISO9660 and Video DVD.

+ added log texts for CDDA exciting.

Not all planned changes set up their way in 0.6.0 but anyway, possess have a good on one occasion the new let out and as unimaginative communication all bugs

to me at forums.xbox-scene.com or the sourceforge stand out epoch.


+ started to rewrite the underlaying register reader/writer classes (udf,dvd,iso9660,ftp)

+ ISO: rigid a celebration be revealed in the ISO9660 imitation module

+ DVD: rigid the prolonged key shiver on one occasion when copying .vob files

+ DVD: added nest egg for storing keys

+ DVD: removed shiver method per come up short and let libdvdcss decide

+ FTP patron: rigid a few bugs

+ Added the newest samba library from xbmc

+ replaced simplexml by tinyxml

+ added a lot of comments to dvd2xbox.xml

+ added a xbe advice epoch to the menu (weigh on unconscionable to apply informations about the inserted feign)

and to the disc browser (use the affray menu to apply informations about any xbe on hdd)

+ added a new ACL role called SR (set feign dominion). The syntax is correspond to to SM (set media). See dexbe

for allowed dominion settings. Come Up Short is all regions for all xbe's (SR|*.xbe|00000007|)


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