Popping Frivolous v1.13

  • 11.06.2016, 16:07,
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Do you want to provocation your mystify ability?Come and play the field pretend «Popping Fluffy»!
Home the 3 kinds of boards to receptive to ΓÇÿFluffyΓÇÖ required into the goal.It will bring on you the superlative of mastermind storming.

«Popping Fluffy» is a 2D palpable mystify adventurous enough.The testimony starts from the little ebon fur balls who come from the «Fluffy Star» being sent to earth.From then,they set out their treks around the times a deliver to boon a way getting to their own planet.They will satisfy so many difficulties during their treks,will you help them to get to the goal?

Mess of stages to experience
We make 3 chapters,63 stages for our players. You can like the multiple stages and will always be peculiar about what«s in the next place.Each chapter have the experience notion of a surroundings,Won»t it seem to be interesting?

Various kinds of «difficulties» for you to get over
In every chapter more obstacles will come out.For example,the clouds,the ,the stimulating directors,etc. Also gainful things, like tornado, bubbles, conjuring doors,are available to help you boon a process through.You will never fed up with this adventurous enough, because different things come out all the way and you can think out several ways to untangle the problem.

Cunning line character
Do the little ebon fur balls in the CM engrave you?Right, it is our line sort,named «Fluffy».They have so many different facial expressions whenever they run into an obstacle.Sure you«ll have the sensitivity of compatibility when you see such cunning »Fluffy',so receptive to a way to receptive to them,treks with them, take them to their planet!

No patch limit,just relax
This adventurous enough doesn«t have a patch limit.You have mess of patch to receptive to it. Of course It won»t take you to much patch to put an end to one place at first. When it's getting compound, take your patch to human being out a best way!

What's New:

Facebook sharing interdependence couple fixed.

Entire filter for Android4.0.

Debut spiritedness spread bug fixed.

Joining of shaft members.

FPS Optimization.

Block bug fixed.

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