Hit Hard or Die v1.0.9

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Hit Hard or Die v1.0.9

Title: Change or Die
Class: Performance, Indie
Developer: Those Moving Guys
Publisher: Those Moving Guys
Turn Loose Time: 22 Jan, 2016

About This Game

20 seconds, constantly changing mechanics and a lot of yelling. These are the keywords that positively label a outspoken of Change or Die, the 4-jock familiarity ruining function horse around where rules order every solitary select outspoken. Blow your friends’ controllers out of their hands while playing on the same settee, doubt players online from around the circle or horse around to day-to-day offline with AI bots. Limited what horse around modes you want to deport oneself from an ever-growing file of developer and community-generated modes, each with their own shy-making mechanics and position make-up crafted to further hours of laudatory old familiarity-ruining fun.

Deport Oneself online to catch up to XP and position up, unlocking moving characters and horse around modes in the operation, or try to trade your way up the everyday doubt commandant boards where players go against AI bots in survival-like matches. As its name suggests, Change or Die forces players to take performance. In episode, not mobile line for line makes your badge blast. And, with just 20 seconds per outspoken, Change or Die is a smart horse around to pick up, but a keen one to put down.

Key Features

4-Jock Local/Online Multiplayer and Offline Day-To-Day Modes
Deport Oneself as one of several shy-making characters on the settee with friends, online against people from around the circle or clash crooked bots offline.

Horse Around Modes Galore
Decide from a prodigious and always increasing order of joyful horse around modes like Upsurge Instantly, Chainsaw Backstab and Climb Run, each with their own lone mechanics and position make-up.

Accommodating-to-Learn, Rapid-Paced Fun
Change or die...line for line. With not mobile resulting in your badge exploding and only 20 seconds per outspoken, Change or Die is smart to pick up and incredibly rapid-paced.

Leveling-Up System
Into mental skins for your badge and unlock new horse around modes as you squash your opponents online.

Everyday Challenges and Missions
Trade your way up the commandant live and be worthy of hand-out XP by completing challenges and missions that order every 24 hours.

Uniform Peacefulness Updates
New peacefulness, including horse around modes, characters and new features will be added on a uniform footing to keep Change or Die’s familiarity-ruining-o-meter high.

MOD Neighbourly and DRM Free
Figure your own characters, horse around modes, mechanics, levels, soundtracks and more. Includes Steam Workshop substructure, as well as a wonderful drug-neighbourly position editor.

DLC Openly...Always
Everything in the horse around can be unlocked for openly, no paywalls. No bull$#%&. Period.

Great Graphics and a Doozy Soundtrack
Get your blood pumping with vibrant 2D graphics, as well as a magnanimity-mammoth soundtrack by Jacob Lincke. Substantiation it out on Bandcamp!

Controller and Keyboard Support
Deport Oneself with one or 4 controllers, a keyboard, a DDR pad...or...the guitar and drums from Guitar Celebrity. Your pick. Although, we endorse a controller :D

System Requirements

OS: 7, 8 or 10
Respect: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: 512mb Video Respect (dedicated if possible)
Storage: 300 MB available break

Hit Hard or Die v1.0.9

Hit Hard or Die v1.0.9
Hit Hard or Die v1.0.9
Hit Hard or Die v1.0.9
Hit Hard or Die v1.0.9

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