Radiohammer (1.2) Android

  • 13.06.2016, 14:27,
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* Introduction of Radiohammer *
Radiohammer is an astonishing and effortless-to-recreation rhythmical pattern enterprise meet in which you recreation by tapping on the cover to the rhythmical pattern.

Anyone starts off indubitably but as you elevation you will need to protest more rhythmical and fulgurous moves!
A heterogeneity of characters and backgrounds! Charming enemies and distressing boss stages!
Have A Ball this meet with self-produced 70 songs and many more stages!

* Have fun with a heterogeneity of meet modes *
In Fish Edda Vogue, each type that you decide has a different fish edda and distressing boss put on!
In Monitor Recreation Vogue, you get to recreation varied ultimatum missions that cause your excitement!
In Unspecified Recreation Vogue, you can fight with players around the beget for the highest record!
In Jukebox Vogue, you can prick up one's ears to card soundtracks!

* Start off indubitably but never know what you will end up with *
Border the cover to the rhythmical pattern and that«s it?! Isn»t that too easy?!
Of course, you start off indubitably but as you elevation you will fathom that the rhythm of music increases and the notes become complex!
Check-Up yourself and get identification by the Type of Shake Up. Come and get him!

* Additional volume updates *
New Channels, new characters, and new songs with different styles are soon to be updated!
A stylish lass with the electronic , «DJ Numi» is up next for Radiohammer!
New music?! Harder levels?! No worries! They are coming up soon!

* Additional in-app charges?! No way! *
Unencumbered games that you have to pay before you even play?!
We turn down to be that way! With the prime buying, you can have a ball all the stories, games, and contents at once. POW!
No need to get grey about any mixed expenses! We are different from those app developers!
Buying once and have a ball it from the cradle to the grim-visaged! You can even assistance it down to your children!

* Radiohammer Fish Edda *
«Radiohammer Station» is a buccaneer tranny rank with wonderful DJs who have a ball worldwide trend!
Wonderful DJs prick up one«s ears to the tranny audience»s fish edda and charge to the row to get rid of venereal evils with music!
Inclination and music are the only forces that can truly guard the beget placidity! Announce combustible all over the beget how you whip venereal evils!

<version 1.2>
bug fixed.
peformence improved.
<version 1.1>
Radiohammer launched.

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