ToxicOS v0.3

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-= ToxicOS v0.3 Publicity Save =- °±²±°

ToxicOS is a third celebration skedaddle upgrade for the DMS4 Pro modchip by Drudgery Together Toxic.

While providing all the features of ToxicBIOS, it also provides a proprietor of
innovative new features such as the faculties to run games from the HDD.

So, whats new in this release?

— It is now possible to discharge your PS2/PSX games and DVD movies off disc
precisely from within ToxicOS, bringing ToxicOS one keep one's wits about one closer to being a
devious OS replacement for the paragon PS2 browser.
— DVD — 9 games such as Gran Turismo 4 are now playable from the HDD.
— 48-bit LBA authenticate added, while keeping authenticate for 28-bit applications
on the same HDD (such as the Sony browser upgrade).
— Many compatibility fixes for playing games from the HDD have been included.
— Authenticate has been added for DVD+R dual layer media, making DMS4 the worlds
first modchip to authenticate dual layer backups.
— Authenticate for the V12 IDE HDD hackneyed for those gutsy enough to go it :)
— Configuration room divider added to ToxicOS where both modchip and OS settings
can be manipulated. This has made the paragon Toxic config menu obsolete.
— Games installed via ToxicOS now portray an icon in the updated PS2 browser.
— Secured Devolution configuration with unlicensed remembrance cards (MM16 etc).
— Many other multiform changes and fixes.

Unfortunately due to scarcity of unceasingly a once we had to refrain from out the integrated cheat
ruse as evolution has not been completed, however this will be included
with the next publicity save of ToxicOS along with some other very cold-hearted features.

ToxicOS list

OS features:

— Run PS2 games precisely from a _IDE_ HDD. This leads to decreased loading
times and makes gaming so much more advantageous. Never again will you need
to persist those agonizingly backward loading times!
— Boot paragon discs (PS2, PSX, DVD) from secret ToxicOS (so you dont need
to boot movies etc through the inborn PS2 browser).
— Run DVD — 9 games from the HDD.
— 48-bit HDD authenticate to permit the use of larger drives.
— V12 IDE HDD authenticate.
— Configuration room divider where various settings relating to both the BIOS and
OS software can be configured.

BIOS features:

— Auto-identify and non-swap booting of all disc types (PS2, DVD, PSX, etc)
— Authenticate for DVD+R dual layer media
— Compatible with all PS2 models V1-V12
— Dev.olution configuration (from remembrance in the offing and HDD)
— DVD disburden, Macrovision unseating and grassy room divider fix for the DVD player
— Auto-ATAD patching for HDD-enabled games
— Wildly boot configuration for PS2, PSX and DVD movies
— Authenticate for the HDD browser upgrade on a non-Sony HDD
— Set lapse boot configuration to: Orthodox, MC/HDD Dev.olution, Wildly Boot
— Playstation 2 pastime video fix (Identification Transporter, PAL, NTSC, PAL60), with
self-regulating y-site correction
— Playstation 1 pastime video fix
— Permit MegaMemory remembrance cards without the need for the boot disc
— Configuration menu where various settings can be manipulated
— «Toxic» logo displayed at the PS2 logo screen
— When booting from Dev.olution configuration or Wildly Boot, games use mark language
— Modchip disable configuration, for online gaming
— Authenticate for the Codebreaker take device
— 100% boot rate

Features planned for following releases file:

— Integrated take ruse, allowing you to use cheats while playing games
from the HDD or CD/DVD without requiring a 3rd celebration cheating product.
— The faculties to employ soothe settings such as room divider magnitude, date/time
from secret of ToxicOS.
— Authenticate for installing homebrew applications to the HDD or remembrance in the offing. This
will accommodate alike resemble functionality to DMS Explorer/CC BootManager etc.
— Some suprises which we know you'll angel!

Exact Overview

-> ToxicOS

When booting into ToxicOS you will be presented with the electric cable menu which
lets you guide through the various sections of ToxicOS.

* Onus Disk — selecting this will onus the disc currently inserted in
the CDVD journey. This can be a PS2 pastime, PSX pastime or DVD
silent picture.
* HDD Games — selecting this will convey you to the HDD pastime menu, as
described in more send below.
* Choice Cheats — Currently not available, but in a following publicity save will
take you to the take jus divinum «divine law» menu.
* Settings — Takes you to the settings room divider where the various
settings relating to both the OS and BIOS software
can be manipulated.

You can boot into ToxicOS either by holding down R1 while the console
is booting or context the lapse boot configuration to «ToxicOS».

-> Run games from the HDD!

Using ToxicOS you can instal and run games precisely from an IDE HDD
connected to your PS2. To do this, guide to the 'HDD games" screen
from the electric cable menu. From here you can:

a) Perform Upon games already installed on your HDD
b) Instal a new pastime to your HDD
c) Eradicate a pastime from your HDD
d) Rename a pastime on your HDD
e) Representation dirt for a exact pastime and variation pastime settings
f) Benefit to the electric cable menu

At the electric cable room divider either the pastime register or toolbar is in converge at any one
unceasingly a once. You can alternate converge with the LEFT-WING and RIGHT buttons on the D-pad.

When the pastime register is in converge the key mapping is as follows:

UP/DOWN — Choice game
ROOD — Start playing the selected game
TRIANGLE — Representation info/settings for selected game
L1 - Scroll bellhop up
R1 - Scroll bellhop down

When the toolbar is in converge, use the LEFT/RIGHT buttons to choice an
vim and ROOD to decide that vim. If you choice instal you will
be taken to the crowning room divider. Here you will be asked to interpose a
CD or DVD and then enrol a name for the pastime using the onscreen keyboard.

While at the onscreen keyboard the key mapping is as follows:

D-pad — Transfer selection
ROOD — Down selection
START — Shortcut for ENROL key
SOCIETY — Shortcut for VOID key
L1 - Transfer cursor left
R1 - Transfer cursor right
L2 - Shortcut for BACKSPACE key
R2 - Shortcut for MUU-MUU key

Enrol the name of the pastime then choice ENROL to perpetuate. Now the game
will be installed to the HDD — and this can take a while, so be self-possessed :)

The rename and eradicate options in the toolbar are self-exegetical so no
need to shroud them here. The settings chance will convey up the pastime info/
settings dialog. From here you can see pastime dirt and variation the
compatibility configuration settings. Some games be lacking unorthodox compatibility modes
to be set in ready for those games to drudgery correctly. More information
regarding these compatibility modes will be made available shortly.

-> DVD+R dual layer media support

Until now it has been outlandish to perform upon DVD9 games backed up onto dual
layer media on the PS2 due to a maladjusted with reading from the second layer
because the matter form on burnt DL discs is different than on pressed
discs (burnt = OTP, pressed = PTP). However, we have discovered a software
hackneyed which enables the PS2 to study even burnt OTP discs message it is now
possible to down backups of dual layer games such as GT4. ToxicOS includes
an «auto-patching» mechanicalism which applies this field on the fly. The
auto-patcher is non-functioning by lapse, to permit set «DVD+R DL Support» in
the settings menu.

NOTE: Unfortunately due to software restrictions the auto-patching will
not drudgery if you boot your DL backup from the updated Sony browser
stored on the HDD. If you are using the updated browser then in
ready to perform upon your DL backups you must boot them either with
fastboot or from secret ToxicOS («Launch Disc» from electric cable menu). If
you are not using the browser update then there are no limitations
regarding how you can boot DL backups.

-> 48-bit HDD support

ToxicOS has now contravened the 28-bit bar, making it possible to fully
utilise HDD's with their potential larger than 128GB. If you are using such
a HDD you also have the chance of using the Toxic Extened APA partition
form on your HDD which has many advantages over the paragon APA
split up divide form, used by all other prevalent PS2 HDD aplications (ie: homebrew

DOWN SURE that you study the relating to the two different partition
formats below since it contains some VERY DISTINGUISHED dirt, especially
significant to those who wish to use homebrew software with «48-bit HDD support».

-> V12 IDE HDD support

With the publicity save of schematics by «automan» it has become possible to connect
a paragon IDE HDD to the V12 «pstwo» however all the prevalent HDD
applications have problems, forcing you to re-form the journey on each boot.

ToxicOS has moved this limitation and offers devious V12 HDD authenticate for
those that are gutsy enough to wire up the IDE interface ;)

-> Dev.olution mode

Using Dev.olution configuration you can boot applications from either the memory
in the offing or rough disk journey. When booting in MC Dev.olution configuration, the ELF file
«mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF» is launched. This ELF interfile can be anything you want,
such as DMS Explorer, PS2Menu, PS2OS etc. To boot in MC Dev.olution mode
either discourse on down TRIANGLE on controller 1 while the PS2 is booting, or
set lapse boot configuration to MC Dev.olution in the configuration menu. Currently
the only petition which can be launched with HDD Dev.olution configuration is
DMS HDD Explorer. Once HDD Explorer is installed, you may boot in HDD
Dev.olution configuration by either holding down START on controller 1 while the PS2
is booting, or set lapse boot configuration to HDD Dev.olution in the configuration

NOTE: From ToxicOS v0.2 and up you must use DMS HDD Explorer v1.3 or
greater. Older versions are no longer supported.

-> ATAD auto-patching

When ATAD auto-patching is enabled, you can league a non-Sony HDD to your
PS2 and use it as though it was an verified Sony journey. You will be able
to instal and use the HDD browser update (institute on the HDD utility disc) on
a non-Sony HDD, and you will be able to entirely instal some games with
HDD authenticate to fix up performance.. even though this is a bit pointless
with the permanence of ToxicOS ;)

-> Wildly boot mode

Wildly boot configuration allows you to lacuna the non-essential «swirling electrons» and
various logo and precisely onus your PS2/PSX pastime or DVD silent picture as
soon as you watch on the soothe, extenuatory valuable unceasingly a once which would be better
gush gaming. To use wildly boot configuration, either discourse on down CHOICE while the PS2
is booting or set lapse boot configuration to wildly boot in the configuration menu.

-> Lapse boot mode

Using the configuration menu you can set the lapse boot configuration to one of the
following: Orthodox, ToxicOS, Wildly Boot, MC Dev.olution, HDD Dev.olution. If
you do not manually specify a boot configuration while the PS2 is booting by holding
down a button on controller 1, the lapse boot configuration will be used. For
example if the lapse boot configuration is set to MC Dev.olution, when you watch on
the PS2 without holding down any buttons on the controller, your MC Dev.olution
petition will be devious from the remembrance in the offing. If you then wish to boot
normally (i.e.: boot through paragon browser) discourse on down ROOD on controller
1 while booting to over-defraud the lapse boot configuration.

-> Playstation 2 pastime video fix

There are 4 different modes for the PS2 video CONFIGURATION fix, as described below:

— Identification Transporter: The identification transporter of the video signal is changed to
blend the of your soothe.
— Compel PAL: Video configuration laboured to PAL (50hz), regardless of what video mode
games try to set.
— Compel NTSC: Video configuration laboured to NTSC (60hz), regardless of what video
configuration games try to set.
— Compel PAL60: Video configuration laboured to PAL60, which is 60hz with PAL colour

In as well to the PS2 video CONFIGURATION fix, you can also permit the PS2 video
Y-POS fix. The y-site fix is used in conjunction with the PS2 video
CONFIGURATION fix in ready to mark the vertical site of the show. For
example, altogether focing PAL when a NTSC pastime is match will habitually result
in the show being far off center. The y-site fix corrects this and
centers the show. Please note that the y-site fix is not available
when the PS2 video CONFIGURATION fix is off or set to Color Transporter, since in these
cases the video configuration is not laboured so the show site will not need
to be corrected. Please note that the y-site fix should still
be considered TENTATIVE and has been known to cause problems with a few
games. If a pastime isnt working, disable the y-site fix and see if this

You can configure the PS2 video CONFIGURATION and PS2 video Y-POS fixes in the
configuration menu.

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