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-= ToxicBIOS v1.3 Saving =- °±²±°

ToxicBIOS is a third fete momentary display upgrade for the DMS4 Lite and Pro modchips by
Yoke Toxic. Our aspiration is to furnish a hostess of features which DMS4 owners warrant,
but are morosely lacking in the plant oversight «legal» momentary display. Thanks to the
tonier devices plan of the DMS4 series chips, we have been able to bring into being
a freeware momentary display replacement which will unlock your modchips total budding
and ok your soothe to do things you have only dreamed of :)

Common features provided by ToxicBIOS are as follows:

— Auto-catch and non-swap booting of all disc types (PS2, DVD, PSX, etc)
— Pillar for DVD+R dual layer media
— Compatible with all PS2 models V1-V12
— Dev.olution sop (from celebration index card and HDD)
— DVD territory munificent, Macrovision deposition and unripened shelter fix for the DVD player
— Auto-ATAD patching for HDD-enabled games
— Express boot sop for PS2, PSX and DVD movies
— Pillar for the HDD browser upgrade on a non-Sony HDD
— Set oversight boot sop to: Typical, MC/HDD Dev.olution, Express Boot
— Playstation 2 dissimulate video fix (Identification Carter, PAL, NTSC, PAL60), with
natural y-pose correction
— Playstation 1 dissimulate video fix
— Ok MegaMemory celebration cards without the need for the boot disc
— Configuration menu where various settings can be manipulated
— «Toxic» logo displayed at the PS2 logo screen
— When booting from Dev.olution sop or Express Boot, games use valid language
— Modchip disable sop, for online gaming
— Pillar for the Codebreaker take device
— 100% boot rate
— Much, much more to come!

NOTE: All HDD joint features are unsupported on the PStwo (V12) soothe for
unmistakable reasons ;)

Total Be Overview

-> Dev.olution mode

Using Dev.olution sop you can boot applications from either the memory
index card or ardently disk motor. When booting in MC Dev.olution sop, the ELF file
«mc0:/BOOT/BOOT.ELF» is launched. This ELF march can be anything you want,
such as DMS Explorer, PS2Menu, PS2OS etc. To boot in MC Dev.olution mode
either toe-hold down TRIANGLE on controller 1 while the PS2 is booting, or
set oversight boot sop to MC Dev.olution in the configuration menu. Currently
the only assiduity which can be launched with HDD Dev.olution sop is
DMS HDD Explorer. Once HDD Explorer is installed, you may boot in HDD
Dev.olution sop by either holding down START on controller 1 while the PS2
is booting, or set oversight boot sop to HDD Dev.olution in the configuration

NOTE: From ToxicBIOS v1.2 and up you must use DMS HDD Explorer v1.3 or
greater. Older versions are no longer supported.

-> ATAD auto-patching

When ATAD auto-patching is enabled, you can pin a non-Sony HDD to your
PS2 and use it as though it was an stiff Sony motor. You will be able
to instal and use the HDD browser update (institute on the HDD utility disc) on
a non-Sony HDD, and you will be able to partly instal some games with
HDD pillar to rectify performance.. even though this is a bit pointless
with the being of HDLoader ^_^

-> Express boot mode

Express boot sop allows you to disregard the circumlocutory «swirling electrons» and
various logo and straight away cross your PS2/PSX dissimulate or DVD flicks as
soon as you crack on the soothe, economization valuable every so often which would be better
burned-out gaming. To use express boot sop, either toe-hold down HAND-PICK while the PS2
is booting or set oversight boot sop to express boot in the configuration menu.

-> DVD+R dual layer media support

Until now it has been ridiculous to gambol DVD9 games backed up onto dual
layer media on the PS2 due to a difficulty with reading from the second layer
because the figures dimensions on burnt DL discs is different than on pressed
discs (burnt = OTP, pressed = PTP). However, we have discovered a software
overworked which enables the PS2 to announce even burnt OTP discs denotation it is now
possible to flourish backups of dual layer games such as GT4. ToxicBIOS includes
an «auto-patching» agency which applies this repair on the fly. The
auto-patcher is inoperative by oversight, to ok set «DVD+R DL Support» in
the settings menu.

NOTE: Unfortunately due to software restrictions the auto-patching will
not business if you boot your DL backup from the updated Sony browser
stored on the HDD. If you are using the updated browser then in
for the purpose of a disordered to gambol your DL backups you must boot them with fastboot.

If you are not using the browser update then there are no
limitations regarding how you can boot DL backups.

-> Oversight boot mode

Using the configuration menu you can set the oversight boot sop to one of the
following: Typical, Express Boot, MC Dev.olution, HDD Dev.olution. If you do not
manually specify a boot sop while the PS2 is booting by holding down a
button on controller 1, the oversight boot sop will be used. For example if
the oversight boot sop is set to MC Dev.olution, when you crack on the PS2
without holding down any buttons on the controller, your MC Dev.olution
assiduity will be chock-full from the celebration index card. If you then wish to boot
normally (i.e.: boot through archetype browser) toe-hold down DELETE on controller
1 while booting to over-humbug the oversight boot sop.

-> Playstation 2 dissimulate video fix

There are 4 different modes for the PS2 video SOP fix, as described below:

— Identification Carter: The identification carter of the video signal is changed to
compact the territory of your soothe.
— Extract PAL: Video sop stilted to PAL (50hz), regardless of what video mode
games try to set.
— Extract NTSC: Video sop stilted to NTSC (60hz), regardless of what video
sop games try to set.
— Extract PAL60: Video sop stilted to PAL60, which is 60hz with PAL colour

In combining to the PS2 video SOP fix, you can also ok the PS2 video
Y-POS fix. The y-pose fix is used in conjunction with the PS2 video
SOP fix in for the purpose of a disordered to valid the vertical pose of the splendour. For
example, completely focing PAL when a NTSC dissimulate is contest will on the whole result
in the splendour being far off center. The y-pose fix corrects this and
centers the splendour. Please note that the y-pose fix is not available
when the PS2 video SOP fix is off or set to Color Carter, since in these
cases the video sop is not stilted so the splendour pose will not need
to be corrected. Please note that the y-pose fix be should still
be considered CONJECTURAL and has been known to cause problems with a few
games. If a dissimulate isnt working, disable the y-pose fix and see if this

You can configure the PS2 video SOP and PS2 video Y-POS fixes in the
configuration menu.

-> Configuration Menu

The configuration menu is used to doctor various ToxicBIOS settings, for
example enabling or disabling ATAD auto-patching. The configuration menu also
displays useful advice about your PS2 organized whole and DMS4 modchip. To enter
the configuration menu, toe-hold down CLEAN on controller 1 while the PS2 is

-> Disable Mode

When playing online games it is often necessary to disable the modchip so you
do not get a DNAS flaw while connecting to the online dissimulate server. To
disable DMS4, toe-hold down L1 on controller 1 as the PS2 is booting. You will
see a communication saying that the modchip has been inoperative. Intercalate your dissimulate and
reset the soothe — the modchip will not be inoperative and will put an end to disabled
until the PS2 is placed in standby.

-> Codebreaker take gubbins support

The more fresh codebreaker take devices tabulate a defence organized whole which
is designed to catch the quick-wittedness of modchips and fend the application
from working on a modified organized whole. ToxicBIOS bypasses this defence and
allows codebreaker to business rightly, however you must first set
«Auto Tray Eject» to OFF in the options menu.

Boot-every so often controller mapping

When the soothe is booting, holding down certain buttons on controller 1 will
switch certain modes/features. These are listed below:

DELETE — Use archetype boot (over-humbug oversight boot sop mounting)
TRIANGLE — MC Dev.olution mode
START — HDD Dev.olution mode
HAND-PICK — Express boot mode
CLEAN — Cross configuration menu
L1 - Disable modchip

How to Install

Instatement directions switch depending on boot method:

— ELF boot: Completely rub the ELF using your favorite loader assiduity
(PS2Menu, PS2Link, Naplink, PS2OS, LaunchELF etc) and arrange commendable the on-shelter

— CD boot: Completely waste the BIN/CUE provided, boot the disc and arrange commendable the
on-shelter directions.

Every So Often Again Asked Questions

Q: Can I disable the «Toxic» logo displayed under the Playstation 2 logo when
booting PS2 games?
A: Yes. Set «Display Toxic Logo» to NO in the configuration menu.

Q: Why do I get the «TV organized whole doesn't match» flaw while trying to gambol a
DVD movie?
A: You will be presented with this flaw if you try on to gambol a PAL flicks on
a NTSC soothe. This is due to a limitation in the DVD contender software and
currently there is no way around this. We are looking into ways to fix this
and hopefully a fix will be included in a approaching ToxicBIOS saving.

Q: I have a be or bug communication for Yoke Toxic. How can I correspond with you?
A: We do not furnish any correspond with details such as e-letters addresses etc, however
we do supervise various «scene» forums so if you have a or a problem
then just flourish a assign and there is a commendable unintentional we will see it and take note
of it :)

Q: I have a dissimulate which isnt loading or working prorperly. What can I do?

1) Disable y-pose fix if it is enabled. This is still conjectural and
has been known to cause problems with a few games.
2) Flourish sure that the dissimulate is burnt on commendable distinction media at an appropriate
hightail it. If your PS2's laser cannot announce from your disc, the dissimulate will
obviously not business.

Novelty Log

1.3 Saving:

* Added pillar for DVD+R dual layer media, making DMS4 the worlds first
modchip to pillar dual layer backups.
* Firm devolution sop with MM16 cards
* Firm booting PSX games which do not have ORGANIZED WHOLE.CNF

1.2 Saving:

* Fastboot can now also cross PSX games and DVD movies
* Improved authentication common sense which leads to significantly improved boot
rates on consoles with bankrupt lasers
* Codebreaker take devices are now supported
* Vade-Mecum y-pose fix toggle and gui enhancements added to configuration menu
* Continuing study while PS2 video fix enabled is now working
* Added pillar for DMS HDD Explorer v1.3. Older versions are no longer supported.
* Other inconsequential bugfixes and practices cleanup

1.1 Saving:

* Continuing study is now working in games and the DVD player
* Macrovision deposition is now working properly
* Firm problems with some games caused by the y-pose fix
* Firm difficulty preventing applications being chock-full from within DMS Explorer
* Firm difficulty preventing some fresh games such as Athens 2004",
«Spyro: A Hero's Tail» from working.
* Disable shelter is now displayed correctly when using component video cables

Gather News

Yoke Toxic is also working on a patcher for DVD9 games which will allow you
to repair the disc reification so it can be burnt onto DVD+R DL media and used with
any modchip. The achieve is almost identical to the auto-patcher already integrated
into our momentary display except the repair is applied before the disc is burnt and not
as it is chock-full.

However, we had to query if this was a commendable conviction when we learnt that
certain modchip manufacturers have been planning to rip our DVD+R DL patching
practices since it was from day one announced, eat one's heart out before the physical ToxicOS saving.

We have indisputable to still saving this for the commendable of the background however — but
if you see DVD+R pillar appear in other modchips in the near approaching please
keep in inclination where this came from from day one :)


ToxicBIOS may be hosted by anybody, anywhere — PROVIDED that the archive
remains unaltered and that it is not used in ways its not theorized to be!

Oh, and props to the DMS yoke for making such a fastidious modchip — even though
the momentary display they cutter with the plaque sucks and cant do much of anything :P

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