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This is a Guitar Star Clone developed for Homebrew enabled Wii Consoles to be used with the « Wii Homebrew Chalnnel » it has over 200 plus punt ass tunes included so you can Realize Your Own Guitar Star and it even supports the BONA FIDE guitar star controller for wii/ps2 USB based devices like a wireless logitech USB based keyboad mappable controls and USB HDD long story loading EVEN ONLINE GAMEPLAY! :o
New rendition of Guitar Star like this compatible with the music of «Frets on fire» for Wii developed by Hermes. My Spanish being rusty, I could not aps tell you what are the improvements.

As promised, here dejo la rendition 2.9 for the testeeis. As you see, I have a strange way that instead of electing a bunch of entitled people to relax assertion, we treated everyone as entitled users
What's in the package
In the parcel we have rendition 2.9, both for Wii as a PC (Unreserved GL & SDL) to podais try to space, not only through the Internet, if not through provincial network between a PC and the Wii. Or even if you have a maladjusted with the kith, to investigation if it works with another rendition.

Will I be interested in 2.9 if I just want to space Offline? Because if, because some bugs have been corrected and have changed things that will help you to space. For example, the notes now behind the times over points of beating, so it is easier to dig up a note are escapando and we also have slenderize reduced the measurements of the notes, to realize it easier to hit at the right previously . I also lightened the consignment and touched other distinct details.

Preparing to space Online
-- The first element we need is to realize sure that we have no repeated songs (that matches the consummate interest and artist in long story.ini) because it is not yet fully empowered checking files.
-- Obviously, we need the myself you are going to space, have exactly the same long story (and not a cloned rendition or anything like that)
-- The program makes delinquency mooring 4298, so we need to unreserved this mooring in our firewall / router or whatever. The program takes the IP from your PC or server for the Wii, asiq ue no need to document.
-- The program made the kith as a server or as a patron. The server is always 1 and the contender can settle upon between his long story bibliography, the raze of pickle or gameplay. The patron Meanwhile, he awaits. It is therefore prominent that querreis going to be alternating between servers or clients, so I guide you coins the mooring of listening to one of the servers (and therefore, it is best that abrais two ports to space: yours and the another)
-- Okay, we run the program and the first element we do is go the way «Single Player». When you see the bibliography of songs and start sounding a tract, observed that down, I get a yellow button with the retain «F3» and the saga «Fix Online Song» or «unfixable Online Long Story.» Well, this is the way to realize your bibliography for when haceis Online server. It has a utmost of 16 songs and only perched on a long story and letting the sounds musisca, you can tell if this long story is a bibliography or not (If «Fix» is not this). F3 is the third button on the configuration of order that esteis using, which may be the (+) if using these Nunchuck. Bear In Mind this.
-- Well, now we off there and go into the choice «Online from the might menu. We can now see a straight menu with options »Create Server« and »Connect to Server"
Way Server
-- If you fijais, appears below amarillo/F3 button with the saga «Edit server,» if we are positioned at the choice of «Create Server.» If we congregate on, we can organize the name of our server and the calculate of mooring (F1 uses to organize and then move away to the next belles-lettres or F2 to off. Use Up / Down to slackening / extension a belles-lettres or calculate)
— If we document into an choice Beget Server, the program it waits to fix a patron. When you go online,
pasareis to see the bibliography of songs for the meet online. If you are not allowed to settle upon a long story to space, it may be because that myself does not have this long story, or there is any ilk of wrongdoing in communication.
-- After choosing the long story, pickle, etc., will be the cross of long story and quedareis while waiting in a settled pageantry of synchronization, before leaving the meet.

Way Client
-- If you go into the «Connect to Server», entrareis on a scan that displays 8 editable accounts, with F3 where we can go to rename the account, or ip mooring kith. It works like editing the server, only that we can coins the journey's end IP.
-- Grave F1 on account butt, looks step up to fix to the server when it observareis the rotulito «Online» and the name of the server with which you connected.
-- When the server selects a long story, is shown on scan, like when it decides how to space. Ultimately, when the server has already chosen all the conditions of the meet shows a scan with the long story, gameplay and raze of pickle, for a few seconds.
-- Why is the cross of a scan placement and synchronization to the server and patron, run simultaneously.

-- When you appear in the meet, below shows the ilk of secondary that you are using each.
-- In the online way, there is no end: rockometro never descends, so that we can investigation even being a settle upon contender.
-- If one contender recess the meet, that contender can only carry on (always have the choice to off the meet)
-- If at some view the meet is aborted, is that the other social gathering has unwavering to do so. If at some view, you are waiting for the server and salis at institution, is that the server has canceled the meet or has been a maladjusted in trying to choice a long story.
-- Bear In Mind that F1 is grave the A and B F2 is the button on the order menus and F3 may be the (+) or 1 in any configuration. If you manifestly can not congregate F3, coins the configuration of order.

Known Issue
In Wii if you unreserved a kith and some previously without being connected, the kith is vanished and it is not possible to get (in the narrows will also Homebrew, sometimes it goes the clasp). So try that both the patron and server, are communicating, on an running bottom, even when you're out of the meet.
the «guitarfun» folder and APPS folder in the burgeon of the
SD retention anniversary card Handbill it into the face SD opening of your
Homebrew enabled wii console.

Add the songs you want to space in the «songs» directory located @
To add a long story first Draw the WINRAR Archive that contains
the long story. So say for EXAMPLE: you want to add
«Pink Floyd — Comfortably Numb» Folder you just extracted from a RARE...

Just add it to your Songs folder ;) it should look like this
in your directory.

SDROOT:/guitarfun/Songs/Pink Floyd — Comfortably Numb
you can add as many songs as you have compartment for on the SD ;)
Over 200 plus songs come with this bundle.

Add the family and necks bitmaps in the «bitmaps» directory
To mod the GFX of your gameplay! :)
Well Njoy This Alarming cook Comp guys! Kid Brewer VettacossX
Ask: does this meet substantiate the "real guitar star guitar?
Sponsor: Yes as well as wiimote,nunchuck and USB keyboard substantiate
this is the best homebrew meet going for the wii hands down!
Ask are «frets on fire» songs compatable?
Sponsor: Yes! I got all the songs in this gushing from a F.O.F
gushing bundle just compiled this for operator brotherly-ness...LOL

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