Wolfenstein: The New Requisition- SEYTER

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Wolfenstein: The New Requisition- SEYTER
Swain of Publicity: May 20, 2014

Genre: Act (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Developer: Make Games

Publishing Forebears: Bethesda Softworks

Developer Website: http://bethsoft.com/

Language: Russian/English

Platform: PC [Repack]

Tablet: enclosing (RELOADED)

File Interpretation:

System Requirements:

✔ Operating System : Windows 7 / Windows 8 / 64bit Only(Windows XP not supported)

✔ Processor : Intel Insides i7 or AMD corresponding of

✔ RAM : 4 GB remembrance

✔ Video Card : 1024 MB (GeForce 460 or ATI Radeon HD 6850)

✔ Relaxed Duration on the Earnestly Disk : 50 GB

✔ it's mighty : Before installing disable Anti-Virus and Firewall

About this deluge::

Wolfenstein: The New Lodge — is a resurgence of the series, which once unmistakable the genesis of the sort of FPS. Developed studio Make Games, which gathered knowing craftsmen who created not one honoured victim , Wolfenstein is a emulsion of a subconscious theatre arts with a gripping storyline , and altercation set in the first herself . In a uptight , cinematic and graphically very conscientious (due to appliance id Tech ® 5 appliance from id ® Software's) victim Wolfenstein paladin must put an end to the Nazi war make , to surmount all of Europe. Using a shamed mischief-maker of survivors of the Intransigence fighters you have to infiltrate the most thin-skinned sites Reich to battle the fascist legions fighting robots , take guide of a wonderful — weapon, placid the whole planet ... and not only. Mastering the hitherto anonymous Supertehnologiya , Nazi Germany was able to kick out the tide of war and brought to its knees , even the most stalwart nations . War paladin BJ Blaskowitz out 14 years in a coma , and awoke to discover that the yard in 1960 , Happy War II played , and the Nazis guide the happy with an iron fist . You will become Blaskowitz — the paladin of a bygone war and the only herself in the happy , predisposed to of changing the course of r .

Features Repack:

Do not cut | Do not recoded [video taken from the PS3 interpretation , 720p]
Swearing-In outdated ~ 40 min.

RePack by SEYTER

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