Patterns Lyoko Chase For Infinity USA MULTi2 PS2DVD-Start2[]

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Emancipate Period : 06/16/08 Size : ISO

Tract : USA NTSC Hugeness : 42X50MB

Plank : Playstation2 Filename : st2-clqi

Languages : English & French

Juxtapose the conflict to come to someone's rescue William – and Exultant!

Our heroes must contest against the nasty forces of X.A.N.A which has escalated

it's attempts to take over the actual exultant by creating Replika worlds. The only

way to a standstill it is to vandalize the Replikas. But our heroes soon realise that

destroying the Replikas is ineffective – unless they vandalize the supercomputer

linked to it…..

Changing tactics, they realise they can use “Translation” to materialise in the

labs that contain each supercomputer, which are arcane around the earth,

protected by bosses.

Each end-flatten out boss is a defender that exists in the actual exultant, and has

been built or enhanced. The heroes must confront all the bosses and vandalize all

the supercomputers before achieving their supreme object of prudent William.

By scanning the Digital Sea, the heroes detect that the supercomputers

sustaining the Replikas which they destroyed using the «Chimera» customs are linked

to a arcane and precarious Replika: the Volcano Replika.

It soon becomes disencumber that this Replika contains the place gist of X.A.N.A: a

crater containing a mob of towers.

When they ultimately control to vandalize all the other supercomputers; they turn

their without a scratch efforts to the supercomputer in this Replika. They detect the

soar controlling William in the crater on the Volcano Replika and control to

come to someone's rescue him just before destroying the Replika, while destroying X.A.N.A at the

same interval!

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