Survivalcraft v1.24.4.0 WHOLE STORY Android

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Survivalcraft v1.24.4.0

Survivalcraft v1.24.4.0 WHOLE STORY Android

Survivalcraft v1.24.4.0 WHOLE STORY Android

Survivalcraft v1.24.4.0 WHOLE STORY Android

Survivalcraft v1.24.4.0 WHOLE STORY Android


December 27, 2013

What's New:

Portrayal 1.24 Changes:

— Added bows
— Added 4 types of arrows
— Added exciting shooting target
— Added reindeers, tigers, hyenas
— Added ivy and strings
— Added feathers
— Added iron fences & beat about the bush gates
— Allowed regulating of wide-ranging temperature & humidity in artistic mode
— Bugfixes

About this deluge::

You are marooned on the shores of an limitless blocky wonderful. Traverse, mother-lode resources, talent tools and weapons, course, confirm traps and adulthood plants. Strengthen a protection to open to nights and dole out your worlds online. Intimidate horses or camels and gather bullocks. Shatter your way through the swing with explosives. Strengthen complex exciting devices. Possibilities are limitless in this sandbox survival and construction ploy.

This is the twenty fifth freedom of Survivalcraft, and it is Christmas-themed. Thwart out the new, prettier Christmas Tree and call up reindeer roaming the splash down. More importantly, this update conclusively adds sustained awaited bow and arrows, and an exciting shooting butt. There are iron fences to better double your structure design and ivy that grows from overhangs in hot and damp areas. Be Careful the awesome tigers, which can simply beat about the bush over unfettered obstacles to get to you.

Survivalcraft brings features you beloved in the PC portrayal of Minecraft to your expressive trade mark: limitless worlds, caves, reasoning elements (excitement), unwell, boats, ridable animals and many more. It does so while maintaining its own reasonable, survival-themed design.

Derive Pleasure!

Update cv so far:

— 1.0 ( freedom, 16 Nov 2011)
— 1.1 (hots, torches, lamps, tools, controls compassion, recipaedia)
— 1.2 (intuitive, stairs, slabs, doors, ladders, snow, ice, christmas tree)
— 1.3 (basalt, limestone, marble, furnace)
— 1.4 (new wonderful size, clay, bricks)
— 1.5 (birds, weapons, throwing, edibles, eating)
— 1.6 (crisis bugfix freedom)
— 1.7 (trapdoors, the best quality animations, snowballs, traps, wildboars, ploy modes)
— 1.8 (buckets, the best quality physics, magma, wonderful properties, angle angles)
— 1.9 (Dropbox, fences, upside-down stairs and slabs)
— 1.10 (optimizations, bulls, signs, sulphur, saltpeter, episode course)
— 1.11 (explosives, fervour, matches, magma as unstatic)
— 1.12 (wolves, cows, out, diamonds, inactive topography, controls improvements)
— 1.13 (material spawners, eggs, saplings, compass, thermometer, snitch spreading)
— 1.14 (crisis bugfix freedom, hygrometer, sharper reader)
— 1.15 (big discharge improvements, bears, machetes, episode restart, cacti)
— 1.16 (smoother framerate, glacial bears, binge, falling blocks, circumstances modes)
— 1.17 (3rd themselves angle, 3d tools, material shadows, physics optimizations)
— 1.18 (lavish, snow, thunderstorms, thawing/freezing, werewolves, pumpkins)
— 1.19 (excitement, new UI, new recipaedia, new help, germanium + lots more)
— 1.20 (community size, better caves, artistic options, SD credit card)
— 1.21 (fish, horseriding, excitement improvements, camels, leather + lots more)
— 1.22 (survival, agribusiness, boats, islands, more painting, pathfinding, rhinos and many other animals)
— 1.23 (size rating, larger visibility travel over, analog electrics, halloween deliberate, donkeys, bass)
— 1.24 (bows and arrows, shooting butt, reindeer, tigers, iron fences, ivy, feathers, run)


Imitation the apk to your trade mark and install.

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Survivalcraft v1.24.4.0 WHOLE STORY Android

Requires Android 2.2 and up.

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