ZOOKEEPER STRUGGLE v2.1.2 (Never-Ending CP)- Android

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ZOOKEEPER DONNYBROOK v2.1.2 (Unconditional CP)- Android

ZOOKEEPER STRUGGLE v2.1.2 (Never-Ending CP)- Android

Dialect: English
OS: Android

We've reached and breached 6 million downloads! Thank you ZOOKEEPER fans! 5/13/2014

ZOOKEEPER! The overwhelmingly all the rage effectiveness conundrum dissimulate with over 10 million players now comes to the Google With Keep as a versus conundrum dissimulate – and it’s empty to with!

The ZOOKEEPER you know and turtle-dove is in times past, with a slew of new features in the mix – effect come what may rankings, avatar customization, matter whip-volley, and more – for a terrific new sagacity!

The dissimulate is uncluttered! Hunger-interval ZOOKEEPER fans will know the rules already, but new players can elevation in and be playing in seconds too!

Right now, take in support of participate in in a donnybrook events and aim to get extra rare prizes! And the dissimulate will plaice more and more events as interval goes on, including Strip Battles against incomparable, restricted-interval-only characters!

Invite friends to the dissimulate and get one «Power Bottle» per partner! (Max. 10 invites)
And players who invite 10 friends will get the rare «Hot Air Balloon» deco-matter!

— How do you get it animals?
Entirely swap adjacent animals to equivalent three or more of the same animals, and they’re caught!
The animals you get it pressure up your REVILEMENT and DEFENSE points.

— How do you with against other users?
Each volley, you have 30 seconds to get it as many animals as possible, and the aim is to construct up your REVILEMENT and DEFENSE enough to shape your disputant.

If your opponent's DURATION runs out… you win!
If you both have some DURATION left… one more volley!
*If neither virtuoso wins after 5 rounds, the conquering hero is whoever has more DURATION remaining.

— Your disputant has the same unrefined panels as you!
In every equivalent, you and your disputant will ration the compel same unrefined panels. Even the new ones that drop-off in to succeed those you've caught!
This means you have to get it those critters more efficiently than your disputant. Fluke doesn't come into it! Or does it? Matter panels will drop-off in randomly. If you’re appreciation favoured, superiority could be yours!

— Check operative chaining!
If you just sit and stand by for unrefined panels to disappear… you’re missing out!
While the animals you've caught are elaborate disappearing, you can be working on your next get it, and the next, and the next one after that! Control catches together to be a straightforwardly check.

— Keep your eyes display for favoured animals!
Each volley, one chosen unrefined font will exclusively sing a to both your REVILEMENT and DEFENSE. These are favoured animals. Don't disregard to await for them when the volley starts!

Routine: Remove & Instate APK in your gimmick, Enjoy

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ZOOKEEPER STRUGGLE v2.1.2 (Never-Ending CP)- Android

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