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Heatseeker (c) Codemasters

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Assuage Routine.: Sonys PSP — Country.......: Europe

Type......: Function — Languages.....: Multi 5

Backup Format..: ISO — Sizes.........: 10 x 20 MB

Liberation Date...: 30.05.2007 - Filenames.....: dfc-heat.xxx

Orginal........: UMD

Tested.with....: PSP Firmware 3.40 , Memstick Sony DuoPro 2GB

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Designed to be an implausible bolt-on/shake-off encounter, Heatseeker

reinvents guided missile fight to impart gamers a prodigious commotion of destruction.

featuring an implausible anthology of coeval and near-unborn military fighter

jets, Heatseekers arsenal includes the backstairs F — 22 Raptor, the classic

F — 15 Eagle, the malicious-move F35 Lightening II, and the aerodynamically

advanced Russian SU — 47 Berkut.

If you like staunch and on the warpath function and blowing everything in perception to bits,

then Heatseeker is a reverie come straightforwardly. Need the greatest military aircraft

armed to the teeth with the latest munitions, big explosions, noteworthy smoke trails,

and gung-ho heroics.

Heatseeker straps you into the pilots mansion and delivers an exhilarating

virginal-knuckle irritate thatll have you clutching the joypad. Covenant in appearance-melting

6G turns and contest against a evidently-unresolvable amount of airborne enemies.

And when you start off a flop, youll on your missiles as they ruthlessly home

in on their targets via the Colliding Cam. Delivering awful cinematic 3rd-person

camera cutaway scenes, the Colliding Cam reveals the results of your charge in all

their trenchant gloat from all kinds of eager angles, exemplary with jaw-dropping

explosions and smoke trails.

With missions across the US, down to the Caribbean, across Antarctica and into the

Far East, itll be strong-velocity fight all the way thatll see you constantly

switching from predator to trick as an adversary missiles bolt on.

Throughout the games campaigns, youll need to support your right to fly with the best.

Are you safe enough to promote in front of your affiliated pilots and interrupt top? Can you throw

your aircraft to the astound, pressure and return, and zest out chip measures as you pull

as many Gs as necessary to out-move the missile? Basically, are you safe enough

to interrupt alive?

Heatseeker is a dive happening engagement between Codemasters and IR Gurus, the

Australian studio behind the acclaimed signal air fight tenure, Heroes of the Pacific.

Argot: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

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