The Wars 2. Advance. v1.0 [Extensive Gold]- Android

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The Wars 2. Growing. v1.0 [Innumerable Gold]- Android

The Wars 2. Advance. v1.0 [Extensive Gold]- Android

LINGO: English
OS: Android


From the depths of the stone age to interval wars of the prospective, sidewalk all the way of the growing of mankind and thrash the enemies in the new racket, “The Wars 2 Evolution”.

At the first glimmer, the contemplate of the racket is candid and trivial – to cripple the enemy’s core. But it may not be as easy as can be as it seems. To successfully fulfil the office, you must think as a military strategist. Determine your racket tactics at each wreck and age. And only the right scales between defense and strike will contribute you a fate to win. Fight wonderful weapons and profit a tactful interest over the rival.

Cripple the enemy’s units and wipe the enemy’s core. For that, you will profit the scholarship for studying units and buildings of the next age. The gold obtained along the course of the racket can be out on valiant soldiers who would not let you down in fray and on weapons for defending your core.

The faster you meet all the scholarship and deed on to the next age, the better are your chances to be the first who delivers the crushing whistle to the rival.

But furore up, the rival is not longevity still either and is preparing an insidious contemplate to wipe your core.

Reward, each age has its unequalled strike units, defense weapons and curious weapons of oceans slaughter, using which you can cause a consequential devastation to the rival.

Round Out all nine levels of the racket to become a “Master of War”.

Unpack, duplicate to SDCard, connect with your march manager

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