DaVinci 2 Pro New Birth v1.1.5- Android

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DaVinci 2 Pro New Birth v1.1.5- Android

DaVinci 2 Pro New Birth v1.1.5- Android

DIALECT: English
OS: Android


New function of the «DaVinci Mystery» — awesome plucky with a lot of sagacity teasers to check imagination !
% More then 1 000 000 users
% Interactive puzzles
% Fun and rare riddles and pulchritudinous design
% Uncover all levels, no ads and more answers available!

Big Update !

New Class — «Cinema» !
— Added more opportunities for hand-out responses
— More supported devices !

Now even more stimulating and challenging puzzles take exception to you! It will be something to smash his inhibit!
«Renaissance» strictly means «rebirth.» It refers especially to the reincarnation of culture that began in Italy in the fourteenth century. During this patch, there was an monstrous renewal of notice in and examine of greek antiquity.

It was also an age of new discoveries, both geographical (observation of the New Fabulous) and thinker. Martin Luther, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Francesco Petrarch, «The Last Judgement», the Sistine Chapel, the Priory of Sion, Lorenzo de 'Medici and others are function of it. It that interval lived and worked popular inventor, scientist, physicist, anatomist and painter Leonardo da Vinci.

All puzzles in the plucky «DaVinci: Renaissance» is divided into several main categories: Narration, Art, Practicality, Mathematics, Engineering and extraordinary class Pirates. New Birth brought something new — now some interactive puzzles such as«Fifteen Game» and puzzles with marble matches available in the “DaVinci: Renaissance” plucky!

* A lot of puzzles in the sort of the New Birth, all kinds of precise and sensible puzzles and Pirates under the Deceive Roger.
* Pulchritudinous designed “Fifteen Game”, representing the most smashing polytechnic inventions, as well as the works of the most popular painters put aside New Birth.
* In the plucky there are tips that can help you in deciding if you get stuck with the answerable for. Also, if you are very bring to a close to a finding out, the plucky can put you on the right way with additional tips!
* For convenience of sensible and precise solutions to the problems of the plucky is integrated calculator.
* To visualize solutions for decipherability, you can just use “Paint”.

In “Da Vinci: Renaissance” in each class, the last five puzzles are the «bosses» of class. To uncover it is necessary to disentangle a billion of unrefined tasks in a class or disentangle a restricted characteristic of unravel. Mysteries of «bosses» are the most complex in the class, but they state look after access to red-letter achievements and awards that will help unravel the indefiniteness of Da Vinci and learn stimulating facts about the sustenance of the adept scientist, as well as get informed of with his awesome inventions.

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