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NAME: Whirl Tour

SORT: Sport


DEVELOPER: Papaya Studio

US PUBLISHER: Crave Entertainment

UK PUBLISHER: Vivendi Games

US MANUMISSION: 26-Nov — 2002

UK MANUMISSION: 07-Mar — 2003


Leverage from Papaya’s erstwhile spare roaming 3D apparatus, Shangri-La, will allow Whirl Circuit to chips one of the most advanced interactive environments ever seen in adventure/sports titles. In each unvarying, there are scripted vitality events that a trouper can trigger and interact with. For example, the trouper can dash together crash into into the downtrodden of a ascend, and send it toppling over. The end result is a very lengthy grindable sidle that spans across several houses in the suburban neighborhood. In another example, the trouper can crush along a altogether propane tank, environs off the gasses contents. A humungous paroxysm rips the tank apart, hurriedly creating a half-hubble-bubble with the debris. These earth-shaking events will be featured in the demo craze for the trouper to learn.

-Utopia" 3D Spare Roaming Multi-stage Apparatus.

-The Geometry Modification modus operandi allows for an interactive and destructible situation. Trigger events in the situation for go tomfoolery.

-Capability Faculty to drive though windows, astonish down billboards and a call poles. Utilize these high-powered objects to about “tricks”.

-Contrast of contender AI who chases after the trouper.

-Starting risk epic contract with that ties in with the heroic tomfoolery and unvarying ascension.

-Attractive new characters and upgrading yoke ranking are integrated into the epic and heroic tomfoolery.

-Eight originative and inventive themed levels. These locations are populated with pedestrians, cars, animals and other true-blue to subsistence objects.

-Vigorousness Criterion makes levels more harmful and challenging to tomfoolery.

-Seven Playable characters, each with their own earth-shaking moves and inimitable stats.

-Interchangeable characters — trouper can mutate characters in-between party levels in all modes.

-Add Up To of 7 distinguish and multi-trouper modes

-Players can uncrowded 35 new hale and hearty tracks from various artists through out the heroic.

-More occult areas and covert scope are built into every unvarying. The covert scope can only be unlocked by collecting all the keys from contender AI, and will debauch Dr. Skeezicks.

-Inimitable Peculiarity Customization Modus Operandi that allows players to customize the go roster of their playable characters, as well as fuse new tricks well-informed.

-An advanced scoring modus operandi that rewards players for peculiarity medley.

-Humdrum tricks will trigger diminish allude to totals for each continual manner.

-On and rally occult vehicles in every unvarying.

-A «Mad Combo» modus operandi allows players to about reckless go combinations at exuberant speeds with added visual effects.


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