Garfields Diner Hawii v1.1.0 (Mod Wealth)- Android

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Garfields Diner Hawii v1.1.0 (Mod Lettuce)- Android

Garfields Diner Hawii v1.1.0 (Mod Wealth)- Android

Lingua Franca: English
OS: Android

Garfield & friends are past due to survive up even more aliment and fun in this sizzling hot summer version in Garfield's Diner Hawaii. On a new restaurant on the beaches of Honolulu as you foot-race against period to survive customers with their favorite dishes.

The corporation that brought you Garfield’s Diner now brings you even more addictive gameplay set in one of the world’s most comely spots: Hawaii! Irma has returned from her vacation and, thanks to Garfield and the set (and against all the odds), her diner is in tip-top put. Orgasmic, Irma decides to requite Garfield and Jon Arbuckle and all the others with a little vacation in Hawaii. But what started out as a four-square fete soon becomes another diner happening!

Irma’s cousin needs help to safeguard her diner from going bankrupt, and she turns to Jon for support. Of course, Jon will need all the help he can get, including the incalculable value support of everyone’s favorite fat cat, Garfield!

So Garfield and Jon are past due in the kitchenette. With dishes a-clinking and pans a-clanking, it’s up to them to cook, survive and wine their craving Hawaiian customers.


Help Garfield and friends by directing them through different stations in the diner. Each associate of your help must be managed at once and efficiently to grow into sure meals are inclined and customers are served before their submission runs out. Do well and you’ll have more satisfied customers, plus more mazuma change in the rota!


· Running Amok, amazing, arcade-smartness period government gameplay that's tranquil to pick up but determinedly to put down

· Employ in vogue characters from the Garfield humorous strip

· Upgrade gear to specify better, faster service

· VIPs will drop in on at unpremeditatedly to specify an appurtenance confront for greater rewards

· Congregate strange expected cards featuring Garfield and his friends

Available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Old Chinese languages. Solely swop your lingua franca from the game’s championship room divider!

For existing Garfield's Diner users, they will be rewarded with Garfield Points and Coins!

Handling: Affect & Fit APK in your mechanism, Enjoy

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