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About this effusion:
Nosedive into the Central Ages and enjoy oneself the successor to the worldwide #1 hit, Link Constructor.Link Constructor Medieval turns move backwards withdraw from the clock a few centuries to the lifetime of knights and castles. Physique steadfast bridges to provision your megalopolis with provisions – or cunningly constructed bridges that nought under the clout of attacking troops, sending the horde of enemies into the deep below. You won’t even be tried from cannon animation in the 40 mark new levels. Shield your foot soldiers and your horse-haggard carriages with covered bridges and invariable pile structures.

There are a sum up of five materials available to help you physique the faultless link: wood, melancholy wood, stone and ropes, along with the new adding of the link roof.

Throughout the moving cv testimony, you will familiarize yourself with the various materials on a stair-by-stair heart, and learn everything you need to know so that your bridges see the requirements of the different levels.

Innovative feign modes in believe in for you!
Besides construction invariable bridges, there’s also plenteousness on suggest for veterans to descry in the new feign modes.

In the blockade true, your link is bombarded by contestant catapults. Corroborate your link so that it doesn’t nought, and shield your own troops on the link with a link roof.

In another new feign fashion, you physique your bridges so that they nought under the consignment of contestant units to send as many of them as possible into the deep.

In adding, the second to none in harmony compensation challenges will quit even the most skilful players at their wit’s end. That way, both link-construction professionals and novices will mien a trial in Link Constructor Medieval.

— For the first lifetime: Physique bridges in the Central Ages!
— Mark new levels and feign modes for a explicitly new gaming experience
— Plot steadfast link roofs to shield yourself from contestant catapults
— Formulate cunning link traps to send advancing contestant troops into the abyss
— Moving and peculiar cv story
— Delight In splendid medieval landscapes
— Google Enjoy Oneself Feign Services Achievements and rankings
— Headstone support

What’s New
Thanks for your feedback, Link Constructor knights!
Improvements in update 1.2 (v3):
— Main SDK updates to circumvent crashes
— Improved handling
— Even more swords, knights and fun!

Requires Android
2.3 and up

Google Enjoy Oneself Believe In Link

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