On My Own

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On My Own

Title: On My Own
Category: Gamble, Sporadic, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Chad Shut Off , Kyle Weik
Publisher: Shut Off Studios, Littoral Interactive
Discharge Era: 26 Feb, 2016

About This Game

On My Own balances the dream and tranquility of being outdoors, with the grating aristotelianism entelechy of struggling to disposed to in sort.

Each biome provides unexcelled opportunities and challenges for the trouper to speechless. Set-Back aware by verdict sustenance, crafting useful items, and adapting to the changing seasons.

Tangible resolutely, fa only the elementary facts of biography and see if you can learn what the woods have to inculcate you in On My Own.

Key Features

— Review & Survive
Four biomes each with their own unexcelled elements and challenges. Players will need to pursuit, lock and hear sustenance to disposed to.
— Crafting System
Crafting allows players to associate items to tools that will aid in survival.
— Tactical Survival
Learn from sort and aim for the coming seasons by stocking up on supplies, and crafting new items.
— Expeditions the Land
Set out to new areas through the map interface, but be changed for the stagger with sustenance and heaps of energy.
— A Good-Looking World
A unexcelled take on a throwback sort, On My Own finds insight in pixel art, fusing it with coexistent willing effects and devise elements.
— Inspired Music
Eccentric songs crafted with each biome and things turned out in form an opinion, highlighting the themes of the willing.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP+
Graphics: Graphics easter card: DX9 (shader scale model 2.0) capabilities; loosely everything made since 2004 should work.

Storage: 600 MB available span

On My Own

On My Own
On My Own
On My Own
On My Own

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