Blank Pirates and Zombies v1.605 (SPAZ) [Lossless RePack] - SxSL [MitGuNNeR]

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Blank Pirates and Zombies v1.605 (SPAZ) [Lossless RePack] — SxSL [MitGuNNeR]

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Semi-Monthly Prototype:! RePack by SxSxL (based on a validate from MinMax Games Ltd.)
Distraction Reading: v1.605
Developer: MinMax Games Ltd.

Features of RePack -
Distraction Reading — 1.605.

Integrated style — Halloween Mod.

Integrated style — Recess Mod.

Everything in the gameplay matches the licensed reading.

Compress distraction resources superficial packers do not utilize.

Changing the conversion of resources the distraction is not apposite.

Particular dissertation installer made ​​for this distraction.

For customary undercover agent of the distraction, you must have installed Microsoft .NET Framework Reading 2.0, or higher.

Crowning perpetually ~ 2 minutes

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