Darkdawn Encounters v0.8- Android

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Darkdawn Encounters v0.8- Android

Darkdawn Encounters v0.8- Android

OS: Android


PRIMITIVE ACCESS: Decamp Darkdawn: Encounters« «Survival» and «Quick Encounter» modes now and get the misrepresent for $0.99! Help fortify the game»s growth, and fly into fight right away. You'll be all set when the edda throw is added and the assay goes up to $1.99.

Darkdawn: Encounters is a misrepresent of 3D, smart starship fight. Captain frigates, cruisers, and battleships into fight with competitor fleets. Quarrel off multiple enemies as you projection your shields to encounter the onslaught, and turn feeling with your own persuasive weapon batteries. Rig your ferry with derivative armaments such as missiles and tittle beams, and place advanced kit, like machine boosters and the foreign overshield. Then take the fight to the competitor! Learn their strengths and, and with no holds barred them where their defenses are weak.

Darkdawn: Encounters has been designed to take precautions chasmic, smart fight while still being automated for pocket decamp sessions and set alight controls. You are a starship captain, and adept decisions will second you better than twitchy fingers as you take demand of a enormous Security-prestige battleship. But impart no fault, this is no «tap and watch» game; it's your hands on the controls, captain.

PRIMITIVE ACCESS INFO: Darkdawn: Encounters is still in functioning growth. Over the coming months, await some harmony changes as we unite contestant feedback, as well as add additional import culminating with the 1.0 «Launch Edition», which will comprehend a multi-work edda throw.

If you have any concerns and/or to impart bug reports, please descend upon www.darkdawn.co/forum/
We will do our best to second you!

Darkdawn Encounters has been tested with the following devices:

Acer Iconia A500 (Tegra 2 based)
Galaxy S2
Galaxy S3
Nexus 7 (2012)

It has been designed to provide a to one side index of resolutions and attribute ratios, but as the misrepresent is somewhat graphically thorough-going, we cannot qualified playing on significantly older devices (2-3+ years old). Please parcel your experiences with the misrepresent (produce or bad) with other devices at the forum unite above!

If you make use of the app or want to learn a little bit more about the ships you'll be commanding, tick out the unloose Darkdawn Ferry Viewer here on Google Decamp!

Practice: Decamp & Place APK in your contraption, Enjoy

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