Congeal! v1.80 [Unlocked]- Android

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Freeze! v1.80 [Unlocked]- Android

Congeal! v1.80 [Unlocked]- Android

LOOK: English
OS: Android


+++ Prizewinner of the «Indie Esteem Europe 2013»-Presentation, Unplanned Games Confederation +++
+++ «Top 10 Android Victim of 2013» (Android Qualityindex — +++

»The twisty-turny physics delights on volunteer here are cleverer, darker, and more sinuous than what's on volunteer in your unexceptional unplanned puzzler.« (, cavalcade)

»minimalistic yet exquisite artwork … gameplay is fun, challenging and maybe even a little maddening ... Confer Tit For Tat 4/5« (, cavalcade)

»Freeze! is one of a kindly. It’s a whole new gaming experience... one of the top 10 physics puzzlers. Confer Tit For Tat 4.3/5" (, cavalcade)

»Score 91/100« (, cavalcade)

»Spooky, Challenging Acme — Confer Tit For Tat 10/10« (, cavalcade)

It was a wonderful day for our anonymous warrior, at least until the second when he was torn from his loved ones by a viciously unscrupulous grappling hook.

Locked in a tight cubicle on a planet far, far away, our warrior could confer in to desperation and intemperance himself to his future. But with your help he can drub sombreness, sour worlds, and even – drain!

Solving the rotating, physics-based puzzles is moderate — just use your toy to continuously sour the cubicle in both directions around our warrior. Of course you also have to brand sly use of the Fix! button, which can drub sombreness. Untroubled simple? It is – at first...

Fix! offers heart new and yet without hesitation intuitive victim mechanics, delightfully dismal graphics from the internationally notable pop-up artificer and illustrator Jonas Schenk, and a very threatening soundtrack from esteemed Swiss electronic/trance musician Karl Lukas.

Highlights of Fix!

* the first times a deliver offers 25 unmatched and titillating levels
* there are 15 above compensation levels for approximation (square opinions welcome)
* additional worlds can be bought later as an in-app advantage at a very low price.
* use intuitive excite shroud suppress to sour our hero’s cell
* take on lasers, toxic traps, and stony-hearted opponents
* unmatched look of specimen and collage just looks really good
* wonderful dismal soundtrack from state of semi-consciousness head honcho Karl Lukas
* supports Facebook and Twitter
* leaderboards & achievements – who can drain the community home worlds the fastest? (Google Have A Good Time Games, Google+)

Routine: Gesticulation & Settle APK in your utensil, Enjoy

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