Age of Civilizations v1.14 Android

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  • Games
• Maps:
— Turf | [342 Provinces]
— Kepler — 22b | [404 Provinces]

• Orders are submitted before each around. The loads of orders you can submit during each around is predetermined by your Increase Points for that around.
• After orders are submitted, civilizations murder actions in turning lodge, which is randomized at the start of each around.

• Map
— The ripping is the most grave boondocks in a culture. If you yield your ripping for 3 turns, your culture will no longer along. If you nab another civilization’s ripping, you purchase all of its provinces. Capitals have a defensive perk: +15% and an unsavoury perk: +15%. Capitals have all buildings already constructed.
— Sheer provinces are non-combatant. Provinces with color be the property to other civilizations.
— You can proportion the map. To go outlying to the ideal proportion, bent over tap the map. If proportion is other than ideal on minimap you can see «!» in top right.
— Use the Conservatism and Residents buttons to vision each province’s Conservatism and Residents values. Use the statesmanship button to vision each province’s holder and attract in statesmanship (see Orders- Statesmanship Vision).

• Treasury
— Fat is added to your bank through revenues tax, which is based off your civilization’s sum up residents and conservatism. Fat is subracted from your bank for military running expenses, which is based off your amount of military units (units at sea have a higher running expenses than units on berth).

• Orders — Conventional View
— Artifice: artifice units from one boondocks to another. You can artifice between provinces you be in control of or incursion another civilization’s boondocks.
— Rookie: rookie units from the selected boondocks. This costs fat and is predetermined by the residents of the boondocks. Recruiting from a boondocks reduces its residents.
— Physique: forge a edifice in the selected boondocks (see Edifice Types). This costs fat.
— Break Up: murder units from the selected boondocks. This decreases military running expenses.
— Vassal: creates a vassal grandeur with another culture.
— Annex: brings a vassal grandeur outlying under your right be in control of.

• Orders — Statesmanship View
— War: confirm war on a culture.
— Non-Violent: submit a non-violent propose to a culture. If accepted, your civilizations will no longer be at war.
— Contract: submit a contract propose to a culture. If accepted, the civilizations cannot incursion each other for five rounds. This can be canceled through a War lodge one around in advance.
— Coalition: submit an coalition propose to a culture. If accepted, that culture will aid you in your military efforts. Use the War lodge to let allies know who your targets are.
— Backlash: end an coalition with a culture.
— Undergo: pay fat to a culture.

• Edifice Types
— Fort: gives a boondocks a defense perk.
— Follow soar: allows you to see army numbers in neighboring provinces.
— Mooring: allows units to artifice into the sea. Units at sea can artifice outlying onto any berth boondocks, even if it doesn’t have a mooring.

• 186 Civilizations
• Vassals
• Offline and Online achievements
• Offline and Online Hallway of Fame
• Google Jolly Along A Fool Around Field Services leaderboards and achievements!
• Aleatory placment
• Aleatory fill
• Aleatory games

• Scenarios:
— Newfangled world
— Newfangled age Full
— Age war I
— Age war I Full
— Age war II
— Age war II Full
— Form Toll scenarios!

• Three different types of fog of war:
— Off
— Standard
— Full

• Tutorial

• Available languages
— English
— Deutsch
— Polish
— Russian
— 中文

What's in this side : (Updated : Sep 24, 2014)
GUI Proportion Tablets
Adolescent bug fix

USA Update

New: Settings -> Conduct lodge of moves
Removed: Settings -> Conduct reports
Required Android O/S : 2.3+

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