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  • 15.06.2016, 01:01,
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Firmware 5.0 for the Sony PlayStation Vest-Pocket is now out and available for downloading. Thanks to all the readers who told us about it. The big element in FW 5.0 is the supplement of unequivocal access to the PlayStation Cooperative Store.

Also new in this update are a busty-appraise on-movies keyboard, a saw wood timer that users can aid during music playback, and the capacity to use the PSP Slim's video out countenance to vaunt PSOne titles at busty movies resolve depending on the TV the Slim is connected to.

The routine will automatically metamorphose to USB set-up when a USB is connected.

The [Individualist] monograph has been redesigned.

5.00 M33


Instructions: Sample UPDATE folder /PSP/GAME/ and run.

5.00 sony update as 500.PBP included in UPDATE Folder.

use L Trigger + Triangle to hop battery unalterable control.


— 4.01 to 5.00

— Bug fix: when changing rush in xmb, and the psp turned the brightness to 0 automatically the rush was reseted to 222 again.

Note to pspstates plugin users: this plugin won't profession in this firmware due to it being made

specifically for 4.01. Perpetual it in 5.00 M33 can cause problems, minister to until an update of plugin.

— Translating the restoration.

To metaphrase the restoration conceive a monograph array in ms0:/seplugins/xx_recovery.txt

or flash1:/xx_recoery.txt (they are evaluated in that array), where xx is the idiolect principles

of your idiolect:

es -> spanish

en -> english

fr -> french

de -> german

it -> italian

ja -> japanese

ko -> korean

nl -> netherlands

pt -> portuguese

ru -> russian

ch1 -> chinese simplified

ch2 -> chinese time-honoured

The array en_recovery.txt in metaphrase folder is included for people to metaphrase to their languages, this array is not needed for english people, as the english idiolect is used when no idiolect array is ground.

Just metamorphose the english strings to your idiolect ones, and put it in the route mentioned above. Be vigilant to control in the restoration that the lines look neat, don't use too huge monograph.

The spanish array es_recovery.txt will be written by the program in the tribute drop.

* Also there are some issues with POPS useing 32 bit icons for PS1 games made for earlier versions so control for how to fix this by adding a cover fix up and reconverting your PS1 PBPs


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