HOTT 26 Playstation PSP Eboots PSX TO PSP target dissemble Files in Eboot iso contents [EVOLVA]

  • 15.06.2016, 01:14,
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This is my gleaning of working psx iso files in eboot organization for the psp. To use the files put the gamename.iso folder into your pspgame folder on a modded psp (initiate to be working with 3.03 OE-c and 3.30 OE-A, these are the only ones I have tested). Run the profession from the game/memory stake as orthodox, each comes pre set with an audio parade, icon and curriculum vitae to meet the profession for docile attention, as well as the direct overlay for games with multiple discs so as to detect the discs. Also, the "product codes" for the different profession discs have been set to meet (though I can't probe this without hours of gameplay) so saves should toil between them for the same profession (this seems to have some correlation with the document.dat files that all seem to m the same for the same profession (seperate discs have same md5 values)). The program cwcheat does not use the same group for profession id detection so it will still see the different numbers, each disc has its own practices (if you try to ration saves between them with cwcheat it will not toil without renaming the files (the MS_ROOT/seplugins/cwcheat/mc/gamecode.mcr through a computer).

I dialect expect you enjoy

CHeers , Evolva

Included games/files are:

1. ChronoCrossD1.iso.7z Chrono On A Short Fuse Disc 1

2. ChronoCrossD2.iso.7z Chrono On A Short Fuse Disc 2

3. chronot.iso.7z Chrono Trigger (Fixed Masquerade Chronicles)

4. ff4.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade IV (Fixed Masquerade Chronicles)

5. FFIXD1.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade IX Disc 1

6. FFIXD2.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade IX Disc 2

7. FFIXD3.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade IX Disc 3

8. FFIXD4.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade IX Disc 4

9. FFOrigins.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade Origins

10. fft.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade Tactics

11. FFV.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade V (Fixed Masquerade Anthology)

12. FFVI.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade VI (Fixed Masquerade Anthology)

13. FFVIID1.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade VII Disc 1

14. FFVIID2.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade VII Disc 2

15. FFVIID3.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade VII Disc 3

16. FFVIIID1.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade VIII Disc 1

17. FFVIIID2.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade VIII Disc 2

18. FFVIIID3.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade VIII Disc 3

19. FFVIIID4.iso.7z Fixed Masquerade VIII Disc 4

20. GrandTheftAuto2.iso.7z Total Heist Auto 2

21. MetalGearD1.iso.7z Metal Cog Well-Made Disc 1

22. MetalGearD2.iso.7z Metal Cog Well-Made Disc 2

23. SyphonFilter2D1.iso.7z Syphon Cloth 2 Disc 1

24. SyphonFilter2D2.iso.7z Syphon Cloth 2 Disc 2

25. SyphonFilter3.iso.7z Syphon Cloth 3

26. SyphonFilter.iso.7z Syphon Cloth 1

As a fixed note, the 7z program was included to hightail it unpacking the files docile, the files are not compressed with 7z, just stored, I did this to keep the necessary document.dat and eboot files together so downloading would be easier. The games were still compressed when the eboots were made so further compression would have been worse than useless.

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