Developing: Fight for Nephelococcygia [v.2.1.3] (2014) Android

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Title: Formation: Encounter for Seventh Heaven / Formation: Encounter for Seventh Heaven
Publication Fount: empower
Genre: Engagement, rpg, master plan, online
Released: 2014
Platform: Android
Version: 2.1.3 (from November 5, 2014)

Language: English and Russian
Crack: Not required

System requirements:

  Operating Combination: Android 4.0.3 or higher

About this spate::

  Become the captain of the trip to a ceremonious planet in the new multi-variety blockbuster diversion of pre-eminent developer!
  This has not happened: Engagement, RPG and master plan in one diversion! Gargantuan time, the highest flush of graphics, countless possibilities! Savvy the new gaming savvy right now!


  — Engage enemies in legitimate on one occasion, using a incomparable combination of encounter! Spring Up the enemies, seeing them transfer in the unborn! Having strengths Engagement-games, the encounter combination is suggestible to learn and does not make you lightning connected retort.
  — Pitch centre, fend it from assault combination of fortifications, and then use the accumulated technological power in encounter!
  — Configure the planet! The incomparable technology of extraterrestrial civilizations is now in your hands! Apply boring come to rest in a country-like sanctum with a incomparable flora and fauna!
  — Figure the establishment to run continental ballistic missiles to inundate opponents sized skyscraper!
  — Review the time of one of the greatest games in the retailing of IOS! Planet Seventh Heaven hides many surprises! Unravel all the mysteries in her seductive adventures!
  — Ripen and up your unfitting to invitation the most iffy inhabitants of the planet!
  — Engage in the company's staunchest allies, the first of which will be a mechanical man dog named Fido!
  — Hacks vault with valuable resources! Multiply capital by send-off electronic locks with a dear interface.
  — Down with allies and enemies! Staunch band of 4 people will chaperone you from the source of risk. In his you will fitting dozens of characters with whom to talk and be able to engage!

What's new:

  Fitting the protracted-awaited continuation of a monumental report! Engage the Glowering Legion — Army Generalized Kurbatov pernicious! New allies and new enemies, seductive mini-games and puzzles zubodrobilnye, raising the highest flush, fatal weapon in your arsenal, and solving the novel of Seventh Heaven — all this awaits you in the appendix «Black Legion»!

Installation instructions:

1 Echo the diversion on the android-cadency mark, run the march Formation Encounter for Seventh Heaven.apk.
2 In the window that opens, click on the button to invest and pull out. In the development of installing the diversion online must be enabled.
3 Then run the diversion again, click on the Invest button. We are waiting for an update of the diversion.
4 Play.

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