Vampire - Darkstalkers Gleaning - USA NTSC rebuilt from Jap

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[===== Nonsense =====]

Vampire — Darkstalkers Collection

PS2 DVD racket, from day one NTSC Japan disc, never released outside of Japan. I rebuilt this as NTSC for America and to expel over 3GB of sweepings statistics. I can«t convey to English because I don»t know Japanese, but fortunately you don't need to peruse to entertainment the games! The only other torrents available before I released this are Japanese NTSC, might not boot on USA consoles, and unzip to the brilliant 4.37 GB which makes for a bad entertainment disc.

FYI, lowering the range helps the disc burden faster, more reliably, gives fewer peruse errors, and reduces stuttering that's otherwise stage when games cataract like the GTA series or when streaming audio from the disc.

I did add a solitary dolt order to short-tempered the 600,000 sector limits, otherwise the PS2 mastering contrivance doesn«t allow DVD builds, but I only had to add 300MB. No, it wouldn»t have fit on a CD, but PS2s approve DVD media to CDs anyway. Someday I«ll snap Sony»s contrivance to pass over the 600k sector requirement.

Please be lenient while downloading, and please put off online until this gets a few distributed copies. My upload bandwidth is terrifying at the tick compared to my downstream. Thank you.

[===== What to Do Next =====]

Run the EXE order to extract.

Itch to DVD at the slowest help your burner supports, or at 4x. I praise certified Taiyo Yuden media, which is even better than Ritek RiData.

Plays word for word on any fittingly modded PS2, including fliptop/Slim Kit with Swap Wizardry DVD.

[===== Bit Twiddling =====]

Packaged as a self-extracting UHArc archive, better than ZIP and RAR all around, much faster than 7zip and usually the same compression as well.

Brought to you by gh0st — Colleague of the revolutionaries returned once again from the legion of no more and unused. Hacking, cracking, rather fine, and fone phreaking since before most of those other jokers got their first cheer up ;)

If you have any requests for rare, old, or vigorously-to-unearth games or applications, board me a few electron pulses. The best way to do so at this be that as it may is to communication FieroGT42 on

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